• Geno & The Encores (2)
    Joseph Sovathy, Julie Matthews, William Matthews, Robert Park and Geno

    Geno & The Encores (2) (Finderne, New Jersey)


    Personnel :

    Eugene "Geno" Viscione (Lead)

    William Matthews (Guitarist)

    Julie Matthews (Bass)

    Joseph Sovathy (Pianist)

    Robert Park (Drummer)

    Anthony Polnasek (Rhythm Guitarist)

    John Rossi (Saxophonist)

    Frank Fontinell (Saxophonist)


    Disography :

    Geno & The Encores (2)
    1962 - Loves Encore / Fading Winds (The Encores) (WGW 3001)
    1962 - Love Hidden Island / Gerry Gerry (Delree & The Encores) (WGW 3002)
    1962 - Rita My Teenage Bride / Midnite Walk (The Encores)(Inst.)(WGW 3003)

    Emil Spak & The Encores (2) (Vocal Background, The Plazas)
    1962 - Stuck-Up / Hold-Up (Inst.) (WGW 3004)


    Biography :

    Eugene Geno Viscione got his first job in a barber shop in Somerville at 13, working there after school. He later worked full-time as a barber in Somerville and Manville, and in 1958 opened Geno's Barber Shop on Main street, Finderne. In Bound Brook, where he was born, he began singing when in the 6th grade at Lamont School. He made his debut as a singer on the stage of Somerville High School two years later.

    Geno & The Encores (2)    Geno & The Encores (2)
    Geno                                                                                                               Geno                

    In 1959, Geno began assembling his recording band, most of the members also are parttime musicians who still earn their livings at other jobs. Lead Guitarist of the Encores is William Matthews, Mrs Julie Matthews, who with her husband teaches at East Brunswick Music Center, also belongs to the band and play Bass. The other member of the band are Joseph Sovathy, Pianist, who works at sears Roebuck, Newark, Robert Park , Drummer, an office worker in Newark, Anthony Polnasek, rhythm guitarist, John Rossi , Saxophonist, a school teacher in Somerset Conty and Frank Fontinell, also a saxophone player and a school teacher.

    Geno & The Encores (2)
    Frank Fontinell, Anthony Polnasek, William Matthews, Robert Park, Julie Matthews, Joseph Sovathy, John Rossi & Geno

    The Encores, who practice in Keyport two nights each week, have concentrated on rehearsing and recording during their first year. Their four single will be released by the WGW label, owned and produced by Geno. Geno has written both songs on the Encores' first record : "Loves Encore" and "Fading Winds" and also is composer of  "Love Hidden Island" on their second backed by "Gerry Gerry" composed by Anthony Polnasek. On their third records Geno has written "Rita My Teenage Bride" and William Matthews "Midnite Walk". In a more rock & roll style "Stuck-Up" and "Hold-Up" an instrumental will be released under the name Emil Spak & The Encores.

    Songs :

    Geno & The Encores

    Rita My Teenage Bride                          Loves Encore       

    Emil Spak & The Encores

       Stuck-Up                                      Hold-Up (Inst.)


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