The Beavers (Hollywood, Fl)


    Personnel :

    Warner Alfred Weidler

    Walter Wolfgang Weidler 

    William George Weidler



    Discography :

    1958 - Sack Dress / Rocking At The Drive-in   (Capitol 3956)
    1958 - Low As I Can Be  / Road to Happiness  (Capitol 4015)


    Biography :

    The Beavers

    The Beavers with Phil Mac Lean on his KYW Bandstand TV Show & Rubbi Buckley

    Warner Weidler was one of the three Weidler Brothers who recorded as the Wilder Brothers and owned Odin Music (ASCAP). All three were ASCAP registered and wrote under their birth names, altho, confusingly, various record labels list them (the composers) as "Wilder".


    They have two release in 1958 on Capitol Records.





    Songs :

    Sack Dress                                    Rocking At The Drive-in  

    Low As I Can Be                              Road to Happiness





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