• The Goldenrods (Gary, Indiana)

    Personnel :

    Crosby Harris (Tenor)

    Hiawatha Burnett (Tenor)

    Cleve Denham (Tenor)

    Jesse Rodgers (Baritone)

    Charles Colquitt (Bass)

    Discography :

    1958 - Color Cartoons / Wish I Was Back In School (Vee Jay 307)

    Unreleased :
    N/A -  At The Football Game  (Vee Jay)
    N/A - Work, You Lazy Bones, Work (Vee Jay)

    Biography :

    Doo wop group the Goldenrods formed in Gary, Indiana in 1955 , the lineup originally comprised tenors Crosby Harris, Hiawatha Burnett, Robert Garth and Cleve Denham, sibling baritones Sylvester and Jerome Armont, baritone Jesse Rodgers and bass Clarence McClam.

    The Vee Jay's Owners : James Bracken, Ewert Abner, Vivian Carter, Calvin Carter

    Inspired by local heroes the Spaniels and taking their name from a writing tablet purchased by Burnett for a school project, the Goldenrods made their public debut at their high school talent show, but their large roster proved too unwieldy for their harmonies to truly take flight, and by 1957 the lineup was whittled down to Harris, Burnett, Denham, Rodgers and new bass Charles Colquitt.

    Auditions for both Vee-Jay and United ended with the Goldenrods receiving instructions to come back only when they'd written some original material, so Burnett quickly penned four songs, all of which the group recorded for Vee-Jay in late 1958 -- their debut single "Color Cartoons" appeared early the following year, but for reasons unknown the label opted against sending out review copies, essentially crippling the record's shot at airplay.

    In 1959 both Harris and Rodgers got married, and their resignations spelled the Goldenrods' end -- Colquitt later toured with the Spaniels, replacing bass Gerald Gregory.

    Songs :

    Wish I Was Back In School                 At The Football Game

    Color Cartoons

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