•  The Rev-Lons

    The Rev-Lons (Bakersfield, CA)
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    Personnel :

    Rachel Hernandez (De La Rosa)

    Lupe Hernandez (Gaona)

    Frances Hernandez (Crane)


    Discography :

    1962 - Boy Trouble / Give Me One More Chance (Garpax 44168)
    1963 - Love Can't Be A One Way Deal / I Can't Forget About You  (Reprise 2020/Starbust 123)
    1964 - It's Gonna Happen Some Day / After Last Night (Reprise 0251)

    N/A - Whirlind (Garpax)
    N/A - How Can You Keep From Loving A Boy Like That (Garpax)
    N/A - Shoes And Rice And Paradise (demo) (Garpax)





    Biography :

    The Rev-lons were formed by Rachel Hernandez in high school with four of her school friends in her sophomore year at Garces High School in 1958. When that group ended , She then introduced her younger sister Lupe, she was the soprano back ground singer. At the beginning Lupe and Rachel sang duets, later Rachel Introduced her other younger sister Dolores, she was in the group for about a year.

    With Bobby Rydell and Dick & Dee Dee

    They were then known in Bakersfield as "the "Teens" and  finally she brought in her even younger sister Fran, she was 12 years old and became the Alto for the Teens background singers. She had a great Alto voice. Dolores got married , she was actually older than Lupe and left the Teens.

     The Rev-Lons

    They got discovered by Loyd Johnson who later became Their manager and the girls became "The Rev-Lons" under Warner Bros and Reprise label.  They were also under Garpax (Gary Paxton’s Label) .

     The Rev-Lons Raquel, Johnny M (writer of Boy Trouble), Lupe, Fran, and Gary Paxton

    Garpax Records was an American record label established by Gary S. Paxton which first issued the song "Monster Mash" by Bobby Boris Pickett in 1962. It was distributed by London Records. The label lasted from 1962 to 1965.   



    Songs :

    Boy Trouble                           Give Me One More Chance            After Last Night

    Love Can't Be A One Way Deal / Can't Forget About You              Whirlwind

    How Can You Keep From Loving A Boy Like That         Shoes And Rice And Paradise






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