• The Linc-Tones / Tokens (2)  (Brooklyn, New York)
    ref : Darrell & The Oxfords


    Personnel :

    Neil Sedaka

    Hank Medress

    Cynthia Zolotin

    Eddie Rabkin


    Discography :

    Single :
    1956 - While I Dream / I Love My Baby (the Tokens) (Melba 104)

    Unreleased :
    1956 - Don't Go (Melba)


    Biography :

    In 1955, Neil Sedaka was sitting in his math class at Lincoln High School when he heard Jay Siegel singing Falsetto. They decided to form a group and recruited three members of Mrs. Eisen's Choral (Hank Medress, Cynthia Zolotin and Eddie Rabkin), the Linc-Tones Was Born. Piano prodigy Sedaka decided The Tokens sounded better as a name; Rabkin left the following year and was replaced by Siegel. Cynthia's family had connections in the city at the Brill Building, which opened doors for her and Neil.

     The Linc-Tones / Tokens (2)      The Linc-Tones / Tokens (2)

    The quartet auditioned for Morty Craft, owner of the Willows' label, Melba, and recorded "I Love My Baby" (with a lead vocal by Rabkin) backed with "While I Dream" (lead by Sedaka), both written by Neil and another Lincoln High student, Howard Greenfield. This led to an appearance on Ted Steele's Teen Bandstand show on WOR-TV, though the single didn't catch on outside the N.Y. area. The group gradually separated and in '58 Hank and Jay ventured forth with Warren Schwartz and Fred Kalkstein as the oddly-named Darrell and the Oxfords; two 1959 singles on Roulette included the ballad "Picture in My Wallet."

    Late in the year another shake-up occurred when Hank and Jay began singing with younger Lincoln High student Phil Margo, who played piano, and his 12-year-old brother Mitch. They came up with another strange name, Those Guys, then in 1960 Joe Venneri joined and the group functioned as a quintet for several years. Craft signed them again, this time for the Warwick label, insisting they ditch that "Those Guys" misnomer. Reviving the Tokens name, they hit the top 20 in the spring of '61 with a catchy 'doo-be-doo-be-dum...' tune penned by Margo and Medress, "Tonight I Fell in Love."


    Songs :

    While I Dream                        I Love My Baby

    Don't Go






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