• The Linc-Tones  (Brooklyn, New-York)
    aka The Tokens (2)
    ref : Darrell & The Oxfords



    Personnel :

    Neil Sedaka

    Hank Medress

    Cynthia Zolotin

    Eddie Rabkin

    Discography :

    The Tokens (2)

    Singles :
    1956 - While I Dream / I Love My Baby (Melba 104)

    Unreleased :
    1956 - Don't Go (Melba)



    Biography :

    In 1956, Lincoln High School (Brooklyn) students Henry "Hank" Medress and Four Freshmen - inspired Neil Sedaka formed the Linc-Tones with Eddie Rabkin and Cynthia Zolotin. With Neil on lead and armed with two Sedaka and Howie Greenfield songs, "While I Dream" and "I Love My Baby," the group earned themselves a single on Morty Craft's Melba label.


    Before the release, they chose the name the Tokens, not from the famous subway coin, but from the phrase "token of affection. When while i dream failed, Rablkin went off to college.

    Sedaka went out on his own and Medress formed a new foursome called Darrell and the Oxfords with schoolmates Jay Siegel, Warren Schwartz and Fred Kalstein in 1958.


    Songs :

    While I Dream                       Don't Go





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