The Scott Brothers (1) (Washington DC.)


    Personnel :

    Horace Scott

    Warren Scott

    Amos Scott

    Adolphus Scott


    Discography :

    Singles :
    1959 - Do you want my love / Celebrity Party (Skyline 501)
    1959 - Part Of You / Kingdom Of Love (Skyline 502)
    1960 - Stolen Angel / Keep Laughin' (Ribbon 6905/6910)
    1960 - Lost love / Only Then (Ribbon 6911)
    1961 - Cindy Oh Cindy / Mama's little Baby (FTP 409)
    1961 - Lonely Bluebird / Kingdom of love (FTP 415)
    1961 - On Again Off Again Love / Sometimes I Wonder (FTP 418)
    1962 - Memories / Beggin' For Your Love (Parkway 841)
    1963 - Letter From My Baby / Welcome Me (Comet 2153)
    1963 - Love And Tenderly / It's Gonna Happen Soon (Comet 2161)

    Unreleased :
    1959 - Teenage Love (Skyline)
    195x - Life  


    Biography :

    The Scott Brothers sometimes Scott Bros. that recorded on Skyline, Comet, FTP,  Parkway and Ribbon records are in no way related to the Chicago Scott Bros. who recorded for USA, Smash, Zachron, and Toddlin' Town records in the late '60s.


    The Scott Brothers was a "family affair," consisting of Three Brothers, Horace, Warren and Amos Scott with their uncle Adolphus Scott. They recorded mainly for Jerry Field's labels in New York  But they were originally from The D.C. Area.


    Horace and Warren were the main songwriters, and wrote a few songs for other artists. The Scott Bros. had a handful of singles in the early 1960s/late 1950s, but only "Stolen Angel" managed to register on the Billboard Hot 100 chart . The 1963 singles were on Comet, a short-lived label distributed by Ember and produced by Jerry Field....

    Songs :

    Stolen Angel                         Lonely Bluebird              Do you want my love

    Celebrity Party                      Part Of You                           Lost Love

    Only Then                             Cindy Oh Cindy                  Mama's little Baby

    Memories                                Life                                   Teenage Love


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