• The Highlights (1) (Chicago)

    Personnel :

    Frank Pizani (Lead)

    Frank Calzaretta

    Tony Calzaretta

    Bill Melshimer

    Jerry Oleski

    Discography :

    1956 - City of angels / listen my love (Bally 1016)
    1957 - To be with with you / Will i ever Know? (Bally 1027)
    1958 - Indiana Style / Turn around shoes (Bally 1044)

    Biography :

    The Highlights had one US Top 20 single in 1956 and never again approached similar success. The group, formed in the Chicago area, comprised singers Frank Pizani, Frank Calzaretta, Tony Calzaretta, Jerry Oleski and Bill Melshimer.

    The group's first recording was of a song called "Jingle-lo", which they took to the local Bally Records. The label liked the group but not the song, and gave them one called "City Of Angels" instead.


    It reached number 19 in the USA but when it was time to record a follow-up, the group, unsatisfied at being merely a backing group for Pizani, wanted a more equitable arrangement, causing Pizani to leave.



    Bally issued one song they had recorded with Pizani before his exit, and it hit the lower regions of the charts.

    Frank Pizani

    The group soon broke up when its only subsequent single failed to chart; Pizani, meanwhile, had one last minor chart hit, "Indiana Style". He spent the 80s acting as a Tony Bennett impersonator. The others retired from the entertainment business.
    Encyclopedia of Popular Music

    Frank Pizani (discography)

    Song :

    City of angels                       Listen, My Love




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