• Otha Sonnie, Freddie Jackson, Hugo Winterhalter (RCA musical director), Frankie Anderson, Eddie Adams and Kenny Loftman

    The Interludes (1) (Boston, MA)

    Personnel :

    Frankie Anderson (Lead)

    Otha Sonnie (First Tenor)

    Kenny Loftman (Second Tenor)

    Eddie Adams (Baritone)

    Freddie Jackson (Bass)



    Single :
    1958 - I Shed A Million Tears / Oo-Wee (RCA 7281)

    Unreleased :
    1958 - In The Night (RCA)
    1958 - The Wadda-Do (RCA)


    Biography :

    The original members of the group were Frankie Anderson who sang lead tenor; Kenny Loftman,  second tenor;  Eddie Adams, baritone; Freddie Jackson,  bass,  and Otha Sonnie who sang first tenor. Actually,  the group was  formed as a result of a number of different local groups breaking up. Frankie and Otha had been singing together with a group called the Del-Rays who later changed their name to  the Four Legends. Both groups had the same personnel:  Frankie, Otha, George Adams, who  sang baritone and a second tenor named Paul Francis. When the Four Legends disbanded,  Frankie and Otha stayed in touch and decided to try again. Frankie contacted Eddie Adams who suggested asking Kenny Loftman,  who was a schoolmate, to join.  

     The Interludes (1)

      The first time They got together, the four of them knew they had a good sound. Their initial intent was to keep the group to only four.  However,  there was something noticeably missing when Eddie had to double on bass and baritone on some songs.   That  when they decided to add a bass singer and it was Freddie. In 1957, WBZ, and its affiliated stations, sponsored a nationwide talentt hunt. They ente red the contest and won the local and regional competition here in Boston. The national finals were  held  in New York where other groups from  all over the country were brought in. First prize was a RCA recording contract and an appearance on Patti Page's Record Show. There were six judges, one of whom was Hugo Winterhalter. They tied with a female group called the Deb-Tones from Oregon. Since the judges couldn't break the tie, they awarded both groups contracts. They cut their only 45 rpm for that label on May 28, 1958. Several tunes were recorded at this session but only one was released. The record failed to attract a lot of attention. The group broke up soon after recording because of discord between members. Certain individuals would not come to practice sessions. If they came at all, they were late. Or they would totally miss performances.

    Songs :

    I Shed A Million Tears                                 Oo-Wee        


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