• The El Sierros aka The Palisades (5) 

    The El Sierros (Manhattan, New York)
    aka The Palisades (5)


    Personnel :

    Barry Edelman (Lead)

    Casper Sierra

    Joe Philips

    Phil Rudnicki

    Chuck Aaronson


    Discography :

    The Palisades (5)
    1962 - This Is The Nite / Relic Rock (Inst.) (Mediaval 205)

    The El Sierros

    Singles :
    1963 - Daddy's Coming Home / Sunday Kind of Love (Yussels 7702)
    1964 - Life Is But A Dream  / Pretty Little Girl (Times Sq 101)
    1964 - Picture Of Love /  Sweeter Than (The Young Ones) (Times Sq 36 / Relic 527))
    1965 - Valarie / Love You So (Relic 534)

    LP :
    1964 -  The Sound Of The City Acappella (Times SQ 201)
    Sometimes I Wonder / Our Love Is A Vow / Glory of Love / This Is the Nite / Over The Rainbow / Walking Along

    The El Sierros aka The Palisades (5)

    1964 - Seven Little Stars
    1964 - Those Oldies That I Cry For
    1964 - When I Fall In Love
    1964 - Pennies from Heaven


    Biography :

    From the lower east side of Manhattan emerged a group called the Sierras's. They took their name from one of their members Casper Sierra. The other members were Barry Edelman (Lead), Joe Philips, Phil Rudnicki and Chuck Aaronson. They started to record for Slim's Time square label but had to change their name due to fact another Sierras group was already out there. So was born The El Sierros and the Myth the group was  of Puerto Rican descent.

    The El Sierros aka The Palisades (5)     The El Sierros aka The Palisades (5)
    Phil Rudnicki                                                                                                                          

    The El Sierros would be managed by Pete Shekeryk who would take them to Joe Schulman's Yussels record label out of Newark, N.J. The label didn't las long and eventually The El Sierros were approached by someone from WNJR radio to do a remake of "This is The Nite" with was released under the name The Palisades.



    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The El Sierros

    Daddy's Coming Home                      Sunday Kind of Love

    Pretty Little Girl                     Picture Of Love                              Valarie

    Love You So                    Sometimes I Wonder                  Glory of Love

       This Is the Nite                    Walking Along                        When I Fall In Love

    Life Is But A Dream              Seven Little Stars                Our Love Is A Vow

    Over The Rainbow               Pennies From Heaven

    The Palisades (5)

    This Is The Nite



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