The Paradons  (Bakersfield, California.)
    aka The Trend-Tones

    Personnel :

    West Tyler (Lead)

    William Powers (Baritone)

    Bill Meyers (Bass)

    Chuck Weldon (Tenor)


    Discography :

    The Paradons
    1960 - Diamonds And Pearls / I Want Love (Milestone 2003)
    1960 - Bells Ring / Please Tell Me (Milestone 2005)
    1961 - I Had A Dream / Never, Never, Never (Milestone 2015)
    1961 - Never Again / This Is Love (Tuffest 102)
    1961 - Take All Of Me / So Fine, So Fine, So Fine (Warner Bros. 5186)

    The Trend-Tones
    1961 - This Is Love / Never Again (Superb 100)

    Biography :

    The Paradons are know best for the beautiful "Diamonds and Pearls," which reached number 18 on the pop chart in 1960, nine rungs higher than it registered on the R&B chart. The quartet, comprised of friends William Powers and Bill Meyers plus Chuck Weldon and West Tyler, gigged at school dances and local clubs around Bakersfield, CA, singing what the audience requested until a chance to record came about with Milestone Records. Their first session, one night of work, yielded eight sides, including the hit "Diamonds and Pearls" and the B-side "I Want Love."

    "Diamonds and Pearls" became a favorite on radio stations and generated appearances on American Bandstand, the Apollo, the Howard, and other top venues for R&B artists. Money problems put a monkey wrench in the mix, however, and the group disbanded after disenchantment set in.

    The Paradons aka The Trend-Tones

      The follow-up "Bells Ring" failed to do anything, and neither did "Take All of Me" nor "I Had a Dream." The group stayed together less than a year, but Milestone kept issuing Paradons sides until they exhausted the supply. Making rock & roll records, even good ones, didn't prove fruitful for the Bakersfield lads.


     The final Milestone's Paradons, “Never Again” b/w “I Had A Dream”  also showed up on Tufffest (102). The a-side, “Never Againz” b/w a new b-side, “This Is Love” was also issued as the Trend-Tones on Superb (100) in 1961.  After this failure to properly cash in on an important hit, the Paradons moved on to the Warner Bros.

    Songs :

    Diamonds And Pearls    (First Pressing with Guitar Intro!)

           I Want Love                             Bells Ring                        Never Again         

           Please Tell Me                   I Had A Dream            So Fine, So Fine, So Fine 
       This Is Love                     Take All Of Me          



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