Carlyle Dundee & The Dundees (Los Angeles)
    aka The Wonders (1) aka The Calvanes



    Personnel :

    Robert Mosely "Carlyle Dundee"

    Lorenzo Robert Adams(Second Tenor)

    Sterling Meade (First Tenor)

    Stewart Crunk(Baritone)

    Jack Harris(Bass)



    Discography :

    1954 - Never / Evil One (Space 201)

    Biography :

    Lorenzo "Bobby" Adams (second tenor), Stewart Crunk (baritone), Jack Harris (bass), and Sterling Meade (first tenor)  were overheard by Robert Mosely (a singer calling himself Carlyle Dundee), who asked them to back him up on a couple of songs that he'd written.

    Lorenzo Robert Adams               Stewart Crunk                       Jack Harris


    After they recorded the 1954 single under the name Carlyle Dundee & The Dundees, Dundee himself left the group.

    The remaining four background singers stayed with Silver long enough to record two more songs, with Bobby Adams on lead, under the name The Wonders. Shortly afterward, the quartet broke up.
    In 1955, Crunk and Adams decided to get back together. After recruiting their former bass singer, Jack Harris, they found second tenor Joe Hampton and first tenor Herman Pruitt, who had a smooth, soulful way with ballads. They called themselves The Calvanes.


    Songs :

    Evil One                                            Never

    Cds :

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