• The Crystal Tones (New Britain, CT.) 


    Personnel :

    Rich 'Chris' Crisotello (Lead)

    Joe DiFusco (Baritone)

    Billy LeBarre (Tenor)

    Frank Morgan (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Crystal Tones
    Singles :
    1959 - A Girl I Love / Debra-Lee (M.Z. 007/8)
    1989 - The Beating Of My Heart / I Apologize (M.Z. 174)
    Unreleased :
    1959 - At My Front Door (M.Z.)
    1959 - Gloria (M.Z.)

    Billy James & The Crystal Tones
    1960 - Meant For Me / It's The Twist (M.Z. 111)


    Biography :

    The Crystal Tones originally started in the 50's in New Britain, CT.. They played small venues and high schools . The lead singer, Chris Crisotello, was only 16 at the time, Joe Difusco was the baritone, Billy LeBarre (cousin's Joe) was the tenor and Frank Morgan the Bass.

    In 1959, the group cut one single "A Girl I Love" and "Debra-Lee" for MZ record & backed Billy james on "Meant For Me" and "It's The Twist". Billy James whose real name is Billy Nosal. He hails from Glastonbury, Ct. and cut one single for MZ with another group, The Stenotones (The Stenotones were actually secretaries who worked in the Laurie Records office).

    In 1960, The Crystal Tones were asked to be on the Ed Sullivan Show. Some members of the group didn't want to because they weren't going to get paid.  Gene Pitney was a very good friend of theirs and would carry their jackets for them when they played out. He got signed eventually.


    Songs :

    The Crystal Tones

    A Girl I Love                       Debra-Lee                         At My Front Door

    I Apologize                                Gloria

    Billy James & The Crystal Tones

    Meant For Me                            It's The Twist



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