• Gabriel & The Angels (6) (Camden, New Jersey)


Personnel :

    Richard Smith Kellis "Gabriel" (Sax/Lead Vocals)

George Jones (Guitar)

    Pete Colangelo (Trumpet, Vocals)

    Richie Bruno (Bass)

    Al Hobbs (Drums)

Discography :

    1959 - That's Life (That's Tough) /  Don't Wanna Twist No-More (Casino 107/Swan 4118 '62')
    1960 - Hey! / Chumba (Amy 802)
    1961 - Zing Went The String Of My Heart / The Rooster (Amy 823)
    1961 - I'm Gabriel / Ginza (Norman 506)
    1963 - The Peanut Butter Song / All Work - No Play (Swan 4133)


    Biography :

    Gabriel And the Angels was the remnants of the Five Sharps. A very Popular Combo well known around N.J, PA, DE and N.Y. Especially the Shore Points and Universities. Gabriel And The Angels only had one minor hit, Thats Life (Thats Tough) (Swan, #51, 1962) but it is one of the most underrated and overlooked, mot to mention unsung, records in rock and roll history.  

    Gabriel & The Angels (6)     Gabriel & The Angels (6)

    The song features Gabriel talking about life gone wrong, while the Angels lament Thats Life. The refrain used the call and response pattern typically found in early rhythm and blues: Gabriel asks, Whats life? (The Angels respond, A magazine.) Whats it cost? (20 cents.) But I only got a nickel.   

    Gabriel & The Angels (6)     Gabriel & The Angels (6)

        (Thats tough.) The song is interesting because it bridges 1950s rock and roll and mid-1960s rock. Its primitive sound and style were a throwback to 1950s R & B rock, while its lyrics contained social commentary, foreshadowing the coming of 1960s folk rock. Backing vocals by a black female trio named The Swans on their first single. In the years the group have many personal changes



Songs :

    Zing Went The String Of My Heart         Don't Wanna Twist No-More     

    That's Life (That's Tough)
                        All Work, No Play         
        The Rooster                                               Hey !            

                Chumba                                 The Peanut Butter Song 





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