• The Spectors Three
    Phil Spector, Rickie Page & Russ Titelman

    The Spectors Three  (Los Angeles, CA)


    Personnel :

    Phil Spector (guitar, vocals)

    Rickie Page (vocals)

    Russ Titelman (guitar)

    Discography :

    1959 - I Really Do / I Know Why  (Trey 3001)
    1960 - Mr. Robin  / My Heart Stood Still (Trey 3005)

    Biography :

    After the split of the Teddy Bears in 1959, Spector's career quickly moved from performing and songwriting to production. While recording the Teddy Bears's album, he had met Lester Sill, a former promotion man who was a mentor to Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. His next project, the Spectors Three, was undertaken under the aegis of Sill and his partner, Lee Hazlewood. The singers were a young musician friend called Russ Titelman, a female session singer named Ricky Page, and Spector himself; the backing track was minimal. Unable to use the Teddy Bears’name, he put out under the name of the Spectors Three.

    The Spectors Three

    When they lip-synched on a Los Angeles television show, there was no sign of Spector: Titelman was joined by his girlfriend, Annette Merar, and another friend, Warren Entner. The public, however, failed to be impressed, and it made no impression. The B- side, 'I Know Why', featured Phil's double-tracked vocal set against Page's ' heavenly' soprano wail. The record was released on Trey, a Hazlewood-Sill label distributed by Atlantic. The Spectors Three subsequently cut one more record, 'My Heart Stood Still', but that was a flop, too. It marked the end of Spector's career as a singer, although in 1959 he cut a pleasant instrumental called 'Bumbershoot', playing guitar with LA sessionmen, including an unimpressed Howard Roberts, for Imperial, under the name Phil Harvey.

    Songs :

    I Really Do                                       I Know Why

    Mr. Robin                                       My Heart Stood Still     


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