The Embers (10) (Hartford, Connecticut)


    Personnel :

    Larry Lee (Larry Harper) (Lead)

    Richard Wright (Second Tenor)

    Bob Fitzgibbon (First/Second Tenor)

    Andrew "Diamond" Guimond (Bass)


    Discography :

    Larry Lee & The Embers (10)
    N/A - That Little Girl Was Mine (Relic LP 5085)
    N/A - Tremble (acapella) (Relic LP 5085)
    N/A - Winter's Romance (Relic LP 5085)
    N/A - Wella Wella (Candy) (Unreleased)
    N/A - Queen for a lifetime  (Candy) (Unreleased)
    N/A - Lover's Night (20th Century Fox) (Unreleased)

    Gene Pitney BB & The Embers (10)
    1959 - Darkness (Demo)
    1959 - Victory (Demo)
    1959 - So Tired (Demo)
    1959 - Runaway Love (Demo)

    Biography :

    "Almost made it" surely describes the Embers, another talented group just out of high school from the Frog Hollow section of Hartford. They started singing in '58 and according to Dick Wright, their first real performance was on a channel 18 telethon. The Embers were prominently featured on an amateur show at the state set up by Rys in early 1959, along with the Flamingos and Bill Haley & the Comets on the regular bill.

    They Rehearsed in the bathroom of Rys' John Paul Agency on Main Street downtown, perfecting "Wella Wella" and "Queen for a lifetime" for Candy records in Hartford. Unfortunately, they were never issued by Candy, nor was the subsequent "Lover's Night," recorded in new York city for 20th Century Fox Records. The Embers sang their share of benefits and promotions, including Rys' short-lived "Shangri-La," billed as a "Teenage Paradise" at 26 1/2 High Street in Hartford on December 18-19, 1959.

    Gene Pitney

    They waxed demos at Soyka's studio in Somers and, according to Wright, were ready to back Larry Lee on his Mz session but the group broke up two weeks before the date was held in October, 1959. Andrew "Diamond" Guimond  left the Embers after the aborted "Lover's Night", and, at some point, was replaced by jesse Cavallaro, bass & Baritone (From the Laurels) and John Pattavina. After Larry Harper exited the Embers,he led a new group manageed also by John Rys called the Serenaders. The Embers backing Gene Pitney on four demos.


    Songs :

    Larry Lee & The Embers (10)


    Gene Pitney BB & The Embers (10)

    So Tired                                        Victory                        Darkness

    Runaway Lover


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