• The playgirls (1)

    The Playgirls (1)  (Los Angeles, California)
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    aka The Blossons
    aka The Rollettes
    aka The Dreamers (3)
    aka The Angels (4)
    aka The Girlfriends (3)
    aka The Coeds (2)
     Ref Bob B. Soxx & The Blue Jeans


    Personnel :

    Fanita Wright Barrett (First tenor)

    Darlene Wright (Love) (First tenor)

    Nanette Williams Jackson (Second tenor)

    Gloria Jones (Baritone)



    1959 - Hey Sport / Young Love Swings The World (RCA Victor 47-7546)
    1960 - Gee, But I'm Lonesome / Sugar Beat (RCA Victor 47-7719)

    1960 - Who (RCA Victor)
    1960 - I Ran To You (RCA Victor)



    The Blossoms' recordings for Capitol were quite a departure from the California R&B they were singing behind Richard Berry and Etta James. Their reputation to mutate their sound into other genres of music was being utilized to its fullest potential.  Capitol Records, however, did not know how to promote them as primary artists. What made The Blossoms versatile also made them misunderstood by the major labels.

    The playgirls (1)     The playgirls (1)                                                 Clockwise from top: Darlene Wright (Love), Nanette Williams, Gloria Jones, Fanita Wright

    A short stay at RCA under the name The Playgirls during 1959 and 1960 yielded two very unusual singles,  “Hey Sport/Young Love Swings The World” and “ Sugarbeat/Gee But I'm Lonesome”. “Hey Sport” is straight out of a pop song book with  an incongruous response by Darlene at the chorus, belting out a decidedly R&B “So what!” “Sugarbeat” was a minor chart item, featuring a pop chorus and skating rink organ. Again, Darlene saves the song from pop obscurity with her trademark “oh yeahs” in the verse. The beautiful “Gee, But I'm Lonesome” was penned by future Beach Boy Bruce Johnston, who nagged Gloria until she presented the song to the group.

    John Clemente (Girl Groups: Fabulous Females That Rocked the World)


                Hey Sport                     Young Love Swings The World

    Gee, But I’m Lonesome                       Sugar Beat            

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