• The Mascots (3)

    The Mascots (3) (Bronx, New York)


    Personnel :

    Tommy Addonizio

    Albert Albanese

    Dennis Adinolfi

    Johnny Fanelli


    Discography :

    1962 - Blue Birds Over The Mountain / Timberlands (Mermaid 107)
    1963 - Once Upon A Love / Hey Little Angel (Blast 206)

    Biography :

    The Mascots were a vocal and instrumental group from the Wakefield section of the Bronx (NY) and were composed by Tommy Addonizio, Albert Albanese, Dennis Adinolfi and Johnny Fanelli.  Ray Allen (real name Ray Albanese) was the father of Albert Albanese. Ray Allen was part of The Ray Allen Trio, The Gum Drops, The Upbeats, The Classmates and The Four Classmates. The Mascots were another of the groups managed by writer, arranger, producer and singer Vinny Catalano. The group records on the Vinny's New York based label Mermaid Owned by Vincent Catalano and Don Ames. “Blue Birds Over The Mountain”, a cover of Ersel Hickeys, and “Timberlands” written by Ray Allen was released in April 1962.

    The Mascots (3)    The Mascots (3)
    Vinny Catalano                                                                          Ray Allen (Albanese)

    Some months later, the Mascots recorded  "Once Upon A Love" and "Hey Little Angel" both co-written by Ray Allen released by Blast Records, another label Owned by Vincent Catalano and Don Ames.  The Mascots, besides singing, were also instrumentalists. In fact, they (along with one studio musician) were the band that backed the Excellents on their Blast release (# 205): "You Baby You” b/w “Coney Island Baby.”


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    Blue Birds Over The Mountain                     Once Upon A Love     

    Hey Little Angel                                    Timberlands   


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