• The Four Vanns (Brooklyn, New York)

    Personnel :

    Teddy Vann (All voices)

    Discography :

    1956 - So Young And So Pretty / Sha-Bee-Dah-Ah-Ding-Dong (Vik 0246)

    Biography :

    Native of Bensonhurst (section of Brooklyn, NY) songwriter/producer Teddy Vann  ventured into music during his teen years after he left high school early. Teddy also tried his hand at singing.


    His first single is Credited to the Four Vanns. "So Young And So Pretty" and "Sha-Bee-Dah-Ah-Ding-Dong" is the only voice work of Teddy Vann on a multiple-recording session. He had a minor hit in the summer of 1961, a ballad called, 'The Lonely Crowd' on Columbia Records. Teddy  Vann wrote the Johnny Thunder monster hit "Loop De Loop". In 1960 he wrote & recorded the great instrumental hit "Teenage Hayride" as Tender Slim.

    Songs :

    So Young And So Pretty                 Sha-Bee-Dah-Ah-Ding-Dong




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