• The Tremonts (1) (Bronx, New-York)
    aka The Privateers

    Personnel :

    Dave Romano (Lead)

    Julio "Joey Dee" Decicco (Lead)

    Billy Frye (Second Tenor)

    Ronnie Lapinski (Baritone)

    Discography :

    The Tremonts (1)
    1961 - Legend Of Love / Believe My Heart (Brunswick 55217 /Pat Riccio 101)

    Marty & The Tremonts (1)
    1961 - Dear Mom And Dad / Since Your Mine (DiVenus 103)

    Carlo bb The Tremonts
    Singles :
    1963 - Baby Doll / Write Me A Letter (Laurie 3151)
    1963 - The Story Of Love / Five Minutes More (Laurie 3175)
    1964 - Ring A Ling / Stranger In My Arms (Laurie 3227)
    Unreleased :
    1963 - Brenda The Great Pretender (Laurie)
    1963 - Kansas City (Laurie)

    Joyce & The Privateers
    1962 - Honor Roll Of Love / The Bunny Tale (Agon 1003)

    Biography :

    The Tremonts "Julio "Joey Dee" Decicco , Ronnie Lapinsky, Bill Frye & Dave Romano" that used Vito Picone's composition of "Please Believe Me" & recorded this in 1961 as "Believe My Heart". Billy Frye and Ronnie Lapinski with singer Joyce Heath formed the Privateers and have a single for the Dragon Record label owned by Vincent Gagliano : "Honor Roll Of Love" / "The Bunny Tale" . On "The Bunny tale" The Privatters were the Tremonts.

                                    Joyce & The Privateers                                                                    Carlo Mastrangelo                                        

    After recording " Come on Little Angel" with the Belmonts in 1962, Carlo Mastrangelo decided on a solo career, and with Laurie records looking for a replacement for Dion (who left the same year to sign with Columbia) . Laurie even used Carlo's first name only on the label to keep the Dion mystique alive. He recorded three singles backed by the Tremonts. In 1965 Vito Picone signed with Laurie Records and was matched with  the Tremonts (Ronnie Lapinsky, Bill Frye, and Dave Romano.

                                         Vito Picone                                                                           Carlo Mastrangelo                                                       

    The group became Vito and the Elegants, releasing "A Letter from Vietnam" as a single. Then, thanks to a subtle change, they were the Elegantes for "Wake Up," an up-tempo side marred by a persistent falsetto alarm clock sound. The Elegantes then became the Tremonts, while Vito formed a new Elegants with original Jimmy Moschella, Fred Redman, and ex-Majestics Nino Armotto. Their one Laurie release as Vito and the Elegants ("Belinda") was a Swedish hit translated for the US Market...

    Songs :

    The Tremonts (1)

    Believe My Heart                                  Legend Of Love

    Joyce & The Privateers

    Honor Roll Of Love




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