The Safaris (Los Angeles)
    aka The Enchanters (5) aka The Dories (1) aka The Angels (5) aka The Suddens 

    Personnel :

    Jim Stephens (Lead)

    Marv Rosenberg

    Richard Clasky

    Sheldom Briar


    The Enchanters (5)

    1959 - Touch of love / Cafe Bohemian (Orbit 532)

    The Dories (1)
    1959 - I love him so / Tragedy of love (Dore 528)

    The Angels (5)
    1959 - A lover's Poem (to her) / A lover's Poem (to him) (Tawny 101)

    The Safaris

    1960 - Image of a girl / Four steps to love (Eldo 101)
    1960 - Girl with the story in her eyes / Summer night (Eldo 105)
    1960 - In the still off the night / Shadows (Eldo 110)
    1961 - Soldier of fortune / Garden of love (Eldo 113)
    N/A - Legion of the lost (Image LP)
    1989 - My Image of a girl is you / C'mon Everybody (Dee Jay 203)

    The Suddens
    1961 - Childish Way / Garden of love (Sudden 103)
    1963 - That's where the difference lies / Funny that happened (Valiant 6033)

    The Four Evens
    N/A - Come Up In The World


    Biography :

    A soft pop group from Los Angeles, The Safaris trekked through four names and three labels before reaching their one hit-status. The Original group was formed in 1959 and called themselves the mystics.  When the East Coast Mystics hit that spring, Sandy Weisman, Marv Rosenberg and Richard Clasky became the Enchanters (5).

    Marv was a student at Fairfax High School and Richard was from Hamilton high. They met at a party and launched the Enchanters as a vehicule for their mutual interest in songwriting. After one single on Orbit Record that sounded like an early Cathy Young andthe Innocents, The Trio added Faiffax high student Sheldon Briar and became The Dories on Dore. Their Solo single, "I love him so," stood still.

    Sandy, The Dories' female lead, decided marriage was more fun than singing, so the boys replaced her with San Fernando vocalist Jim Stephens, who had graduated Van Nuys High School. Jim's innocent-sounding lead fit right into the group's quiet style of vocalizing. In Late 1959 the Dories met a trumpet player who was starting his own label with a friend, at which point the Dories became the Angels (5).


    The Label was Tawny Records and the friends was soon-to-be-legendary producer Lou Adler. The Trumpet player was named Herb Albert. While all were looking for material for the Angels to record, Marv was lying on his girlfriend's bed suffering an anxiety attack brought on by her ultimatum of "me or uour music". Lying alone in the room, listening the loud ticking of her clock and water dripping in the bathroom, he began to formulate the song 'Image of a girl".


    Herp Albert didn't like the song and opted instead for "a Lover's Poem (to her)", which wasrecorded with Darlene Love & the Blossoms backing the Angels, with Albert on trumpet. The record never left the gate, but Adler and Alpert salvaged the instrumental track and in 1959 had the Untouchables record "Poor boys nedds a Preacher" over it (Madison records). The Angels managed to do a variety of san Bernardino records hop and came the attention of Eldo Records.


    In April 1960 "Image of a girl", with its clock intro sound (made by hitting two ends of wooden block),was released by the newly christened Safaris and on June 6th charted on Billboard's hot 100. Whenit reached number six on August 1st, the California quartet became an "overnight" sensation. In Australia, "Image" made it to number 26, and in Japan, to number One. 


    The group performed mostly in California and played with the Drifters, the Turbans, the Medaillons, the Olympics, the Penguins and the Platters, and appeared on Dick Clark's "American Bandstand" when it was done in California.


    Even with a big hit the Safaris found themselves playing schlock shows like the one at the notorious El Monte Legion Stadium, Where fights were a constant and many ot the teens carried razor blades. Sheldon was so terrified he bought a gun.

    "The Girl with the story in her eyes" was their secod Safaris Single, and it managed to reach number 85 before falling off the charts. When their manager tried to send the group out on a three-week promo tour with no pay, all but Jim retourned to college, while he and three friends did the tour and recorded the last single as the Safaris, the Five Satins classic "In the still of the night".


    Jim moved on to a folk group. Later in 1961 Briar, Rosenberg and Clasky joined with Lee Forester for one single as the Suddens on Sudden ("China Love") and one on Valiant in 1963 called "That's where the difference Lies".
    Jay Warner (American Singing group)


    Songs :

    Image of a girl                                Legion of the lost

    The Girl With The Story In Her Eyes               Summer Night

    Garden of love                                Soldier Of Fortune

    Shadows                                       In The Still Of The Night

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    Book :




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