• The Four Haven Knights (New Haven, Connecticut)
    aka The Haven Knights


    Personnel :

    Leroy Gomez

    Robert Johnson

    Thomas Griffin

    Everett Johnson

    Carl Haley


    The Four Haven Knights

    1957 - In My Lonely Room /  I'm Just A Dreamer (Atlas-Angletone 1066/Josie 824)
    1958 -  Why Go On Pretending? / Just To Be In Love (Atlas-Angletone 1092)

    The Haven Knights
    1973 -  Why Go On Pretending? / Just To Be In Love (Sold 503)

    Biography :

    The Haven Knights could have been a great group-- The Four Atlas sides show much promise.

    The Haven Knights

    (The meager Atlas Files show Robinson leased two missing Haven Knights's Sides to Buchanan and Goldman's Eldorado label in the fall of '56; unfortunately, no discs or tapes have ever surfaced).


    The Haven knight' Leroy Gomez, Robert Johnson, Thomas Griffin, Everett Johnson and Carl Haley first single was a "In My Lonely Room" /  "I'm Just A Dreamer" in July, 1957 (Later leased to Josie Records), followed by the poignant "Just To Be In Love" / "Why Go On Pretending?" in August. 1958.



    Songs :

    Just To Be In Love                  Why Go On Pretending?

    In My Lonely Room                I'm Just A Dreamer

    CD :





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