• (front) Bob Younis, Myrna Lamson (Top) Judee Czerwinski, Victor Vernon III, Kris Van Keuren, Bill Allen

    The Echoes (3) (Baldwinsville, New York)


    Personnel :

    Bob Younis (Lead)

    Myrna Lamson

    Judee Czerwinski

    Victor Vernon III

    Kris Van Keuren

    Bill Allen


    Discography :

    1958 - Without You / Heartbeat (Edco 100 / 500)
    1958 - Heartbeat / Teenage Love (Edco 510)


    Biography :

    Vocal Group from Baldwinsville, New York, The group consisted of Bob Younis, Myrna Lamson, Judee Czerwinski, Victor Vernon III, Kris Van Keuren and Bill Allen. With their instrumental group composed by Rick Laporte (Drums), Al Cook (Guitar), Edward Klein (Piano), Ken chapel (Tenor Sax) & Keith Barber (Alto Sax), the Echoes recorded "Without You" b/w "Heartbeat" Released on the tiny Edco Label in New York..

    The Echoes with their instrumental group                                                                                                     

    "Without You" is an original composition by Ed Klein. The Echoes have been doing the song at giant record hops sponsored by WNDR, where they appeared with such national stars as Eileen Rodgers and Bobo Hathaway."Without You" rates as the Number 18 song in the central New York area in July 1958, according to the Wolf Sandman Serenade Chart. The record first appeared on the chart July 6 as number 47. Probably the same year, Edco released another single again with "Heartbeat" coupled with "Teenage Love".


    Songs :

    Without You                                    Heartbeat

    Teenage Love / Heartbea

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