The Blend-Tones (Philadelphia, PA)



    Jimmy Moore (Lead)

    Bill Keith (Lead / First Tenor)

    Clay Taylor (Baritone)

    Jim Dickerson (Bass)

    George "Sonny" Barnes (Second Tenor)

    Ar Aston (First Tenor)


    Discography :

    1961 - Lights Please / She's Gone (Don El 106/Chic Car 100/Imperial 5758)

    Unreleased :
    1961 - Since She's Been Gone (RecoArts)
    1961 - Enough To Last (RecoArts)

    Biography :

    The Blend-Tones began with four steadfast friends, Clay Taylor, Rob Carpenter, Bill Keith and Henry Varlack, all who resided in the confines of West Philadelphia during the mid 1950's. Bill Keith need another voices to Round out their sound. Clay Taylor said he knew two cats from Lansdowne who could really sing, so he brought Sonny barnes & Jim Dickerson.  They made the rounds, Record hops, like at the Lansdowne YWCA, or at St Thomas' church, Teenage Canteens, even the senior prom for the 1958 graduating of Bartram High School. By Summer 1960, nothing was pending record-wise, so Rob Carpenter and Henry Varlack opted for college, while Bill Keith enlisted in the Air Force.

    (1958) (L to R) Jim Dickerson, Clay Taylor, Henry Varlack, George "Sonny" Barnes, Bill Keith and Rob Carpenter.

    The Blend-Tones was indelibly altered, They recruited Jimmy Moore and Art Aston. In 1961, The Group with the return of Bill Keith for a Few Days, have a recording Session at Recoo Art Studio in Center city. They waxed Four Songs combined with the Henry Carter Combo. The Fantastic "She's Gone"led by Bill Keith and  written by Rob Carpenter b/w "Lights Please"  Was released on Don El records in 1961 . Don El records Founded by C. Percy White [aka Don White] . Their songs went nowhere and the group disbanded in 1962.


    Songs :

     She's Gone                                  Lights Please

    Enough To Last                      Since She's Been Gone



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