The Creations (6)

    The Creations (6) (Detroit, Mi)

    Personnel :

    Tom Lipkins (Lead)

    Jan Wingard

    Robert Williams

    Charles Holman

    Discography : 

    Single :
    1962 - This Is Our Night / You're My Inspiration (Mel-O-Dy 101)
    1962 - Going To A Party (Mel-O-Dy)
    1962 - Special Touch (Mel-O-Dy)
    1962 - Let's Mash Potatoes (Mel-O-Dy)
    1962 - I'm Not Alone (Mel-O-Dy)
    1962 - What's Your Reason (Mel-O-Dy)
    1962 - Remember Me (Mel-O-Dy)

    Biography :

    Mel-o-dy Records was founded in June of 1962 by Berry Gordy, Jr.  The purpose for Berry’s fourth label behind Tamla, Motown and Gordy was to provide an outlet for releases that ‘didn’t fit’ elsewhere. Mel o dy didn’t attract much attention from the record buying public but did spotlight some artists who would go on to make their mark.  One of the more obscure names in the Motown/Mel-O-Dy story was the doo-wop group the Creations. The group came from Toledo, Ohio and consisted of Tom Lipkins, Jan Wingard, Robert Williams & Charles Holman . They recorded eight Songs, with excellent doo wop like "This Is Our Night", "Going To A Party", "Special Touch"...  Mel-O-Dy released only one single in July 1962 with "This Is Our Night" b/w "You're My Inspiration".

    Songs :

    This Is Our Night                                You're My Inspiration

    Going To A Party                            Special Touch

    I'm Not Alone                               Remember Me

    What's Your Reason                       Let's Mash Potatoes


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