• The Argyles (2)  

    1959 - The Argyles (Sorry for the poor picture) 


    The Argyles (2) (Long Island, New York)


    Personnel :

    William Ambrisi

    Pat Demasco

    Michael Casamassima

    Peter Pettas


    Discography :

    1959 - Vacation Days Are Over / It Takes Time (Brent 7004)


    Biography :

    The Argyles' only single "Vacation Days Are Over" was released on Shad's Brent subsidiary. Brought a self-penned, end of summer, Happy-go-lucky tale, tale of woe Bobby Shad entitled "Vacation Days Are Over". He liked what he heard and arranged for a session at Bell Sound on 30 July 1959. From there it was rushed to the pressing plant and issued as Brent 7004 on 17 August 1959.

    The Argyles (2)    The Argyles (2)
    Bob Shad Offers Advice to John Williams                                                                                

     This doo-wop novelty garnered airplay right away and managed to make the "Bubbling under" Section of the charts during September and October of 1959. Everyone remembers his or her high school class clowns (The Charlie Brown Types).This back-to-school record was aimed at the teenager who appreciated that style of humor and, at the same time, shared the horrific experience of knowing that " Vacation Days Are Over"

    The Argyles (2)

    The Group was from Long Island, New York, members are; William Ambrisi, Pat Demasco, Michele Casamassima and Peter Pettas . Despite the fact that both were on the Brent label, they are sometimes confused with The Hollywood Argyles, who had the 1960s hit "Alley Oop". Michael Casamassima wrote and sang the lead on "Vacation Days Are Over".


    Songs :

    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    Vacation Days Are Over                      It Takes Time       


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