• The Marquis (3) (Los Angeles, CA)
    aka The Tabs (3)


    Personnel :

    William Gardner (Lead)

    Teddy Forbes

    Johnny Johnson

    James Tomlin

    Herbert Northern


    Discography :

    The Marquis (3)
    1959 - Never Forget / Rock And Roll Holiday (Noble 719)

    The Tabs (3)
    1959 - Never Forget / Rock And Roll Holiday (Noble 719 / Gardena 110)
    1959 - My Girl Is Gone / Oops (Noble 720)


    Biography :

    Formed at LA Trade Tech College in Downtown LA as the Illustrators in 1959, The Tabs were William Gardner, who have sung with the Cardells in 1956, James Tomlin, Herbert Norther, Teddy Forbes and Johnny Johnson. They recorded "Never Forget" b/w "Rock And Roll Holiday", which had two Billings, once as the Marquis and also as the Tabs on Noble (it was later issued on Gardena as the Tabs.) "Never Forget" charted on KFXM radio in Sept 1960. Despite performing at Hunter Hancock's record hops, their sound got little traction amongst the teen set. A group named the Fascinations cut a demo version of "Never Forget" for Gary S Paxton wich was never released.


    Songs :

           Never Forget                           Rock And Roll Holiday

    My Girl Is Gone                                Oops        


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