• The Shades (2) (Everett, WA)


    Personnel :

    Larry Nelson

    “Big” Chuck Markulis

    Josiah “Joe Hill” Ferrell

    Thurston James “T.J.” Reuben

    Loreen “Lori” Methven


    Discography :

    1959 - Dear Lori / One Touch of heaven (Aladdin 3453 / Imperial 5358)


    Biography :

    It was in January 1958 that two Everett Junior College students , Larry Nelson and “Big” Chuck Markulis  wrote a delightfully wimpy teen ballad, “One Touch of Heaven,” that they figured was a natural hit.  That same month the two budding music moguls recruited a few more college guys (Josiah “Joe Hill” Ferrell, Thurston James “T.J.” Reube and briefly, Ozzie “Ozz” Moore), and an Everett High School girl , Loreen “Lori” Methven.   Somehow the Shades came to the attention of a Seattle label, Celestial Records, and on February 28, 1958 they (sans Moore) signed a personal management and recording contract. Celestial was based out of recording engineer Chet Noland’s Dimensional Sound studios (2128 3rd Avenue) and “One Touch of Heaven” was soon recorded with Rollie’s Trio.

                                                                                                                     Chuck Markulis & Larry Nelson

    Something about that session was deemed unsatisfactory however and on May 21, the tune was cut at Dimensional again, this time with the backing of a veteran Seattle jazz band, the Floyd Standifer Trio.  Meanwhile “Dear Lori” and “One Touch of Heaven” were both recorded (on November 27) with the Floyd Standifer Trio at Northwest Recorders (622 Union Street) with Kearney Barton engineering this time. Then on December 11, “Dear Lori” was cut again at Northwest Recorders -- this time with the El-Trey Trio backing them. 


    Songs :

    Dear Lori                                    One Touch Of Heaven



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