• The Consorts (2) aka Chuckles (3) aka Four Clefs aka The Darts

    The Four Clefs (Bronx, New York)
    aka The Consorts (2) aka The Chuckles (3) aka The Darts


    Personnel :

    Bruce Laurent

    Sal Donnarumma

    Billy Abbate

    Eddie Jacobucci


    Discography :

    The Darts

    1961 - Barbara Ann (Demo)
    1961 - A Fool in love (Demo)
    1961 - Runaround (Demo)
    1961 - A mother's Love (Demo)

    The Consorts (2)

    Singles :
    1961 - Please be mine / Time after time (Cousins 104/ Apt 25066)
    1978 - Star Above / Carrie (Crystal Ball 111)
    1961 - No One Knows

    The Chuckles (3)
    1964 - On the Street where you live / I'll Wait (West Side 1019)

    The Four Clefs
    1966 - Please Be Mine (acapella) / Time After Time (acapella) (B-J 1000)



    Biography :

    Most stories about vocal groups are usually very similar. Only names, places and how they got their lucky break change. It was no different for four guys from the Bronx - Sal Donnarumma, Billy Abbate, Eddie Jacobucci and Bruce Laurent. They were seniors at Theodore Roosevelt High School and in 1960 they formed their first group, The Majestics.

    They Cut two demo's at Associated Studios in Manhattan. Johnny Falbo played Guitar and over dubbed the drums. He is bet known as Dion's guitar player who traveled with him on the road and played on some Columbia recordings. The Majestics brought the songs, both covers, to Lou Chiccetti, owner of Cousins Record Shop and the now famous Cousins Record Label.

    Lou Like the group but was interested in only original material. At this point which is still not very clear, two things happened. The Majestics were friends with Ernie Maresca who would give them 4 songs which they would record as the Darts. Also Eddie Jacobucci was the young brother Of Dan Jacobucci, an original member of the Regents. In 1958, The Regents recorded 3 songs at associated Studios, the last being an original they use to warm up with "Barbara Ann".

    The group had broken up and eddie saw no problem in taking the song for the Majestics/Darts. This was the song Lou Chiccetti decided he would record. Only problem was the song writer, Fred Fasscett, whose brother Chuck was also an original Regent, only wanted The Regents to record it. The Regents regrouped and the rest is History. To compensate the Majestics he would change their name to the Consorts and record two originals written by group members Sal & Billy.


    Just before releasing the 45 on his cousins label, Lou placed the discs with Apt Records.
    Sal would eventually work for Lou at Cousins Record shop where he met many song writers and artists. He lent his vocal talent on many Eenie Maresca demo's (ex-Unbelievable) and sang on a Few Frankie Lyndon 45's before Frank became a member of the Belmonts.

    During this time song writer Tommy Bogdany had the group record 3 songs including the original version of "Carrie".  The tunes would eventually be released in the 80s on Crystal Ball records.
    The Consorts had changed personnel and their new lead singer, Dennis Mesciano was the former lead singer of the Visuals.

    The Consorts (2) aka Chuckles (3) aka Four Clefs aka The Darts

    The Consorts had gone into the Studio and recorded a version of "On the Street Where You Live" they also did a fast version of "No one Knows" which seems to be lost and "I'll Wait" which was "Now That Summer's Thru" with different words.


    Once again they brought the material to Lou Chiccetti and once again he changed their name, This Time to The Chuckles and released the songs on his newly formed West Side Record Label.Sal would sell the Acappella masters to the Apt sessions and they would soon surface under the name The Four Clefs.
    Ed Engel


    Songs :

    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Consorts (2)

    Please Be Mine                                 Time after time

    Star Above                             Carrie

    No One Knows           Time After Time (unrel. alt. take)


    The Chuckles (3)

    On The Street Where You Live                          I'll Wait


    The Darts

    Barbara Ann                        A Fool In Love

    A Mother's Love                  Runaround



     The Four Clefs

    Please Be Mine (acapella)           Time After Time (acapella)




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