• The Four Motions (Long Island, New York)

    Personnel :

    Phil Agtuca

    Felix Barreto

    Googie Page

    David Barreto

    Discography :

    1964 - My Hero (Demo)

    Biography :

    By 1963 the Imaginations had broken up. Bloom, Phil Agtuca and LeCausi were then joined by John Governale (first tenor) and Pete Lanzetta (baritone) in the Expressions.


    The Expressions released a debut single in 1963, "On The Corner"However, it flopped, and the group broke up once again.

    The Four Motions : left to right Felix Barreto , Googie Page, David Barreto, sitting Phil Agtuca


    In 1964, Phil Agtuca recorded with The Four Motions, they have a demo song "My Hero".

    Songs :

    My Hero

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