• The Vibra-Tones (2) (Brooklyn & Queens, New york)
    aka The Allures aka The Alumes

    Personnel :

    John Sescila

    Sandy Anzalone

    John Anzalone

    Vinny Lombardy

    Discography :

    Evelyn Dell & The Vibra-Tones (2)
    1961 - Sincerely / Please Tell Me Why (ABC 10218)
    Art Wayne (bb The Allures)
    1961 -Try And Try Again / Let Me Make My Own Mistakes (Xavier 8890)

    The Allures
    Demo :
    1961/63 - Try And Try Again
    1961/63 - Dorothy
    1961/63 - Plea For Love
    1961/63 - At The End Of A Love
    1961/63 - You Are On My Mind

    The Allumes
    1979 - Winner Take All / Tell Me Why (Crystal Ball 118)

    Biography :

    After a first group called the Embers, John & Sandy Anzalone form a group, The Galaxies In 1960. The group consisted  of John & Sandy, Arlene Pisciotta, John Gilleeny and John Sescila. The group was working the Platter's "Winner Take All" and another version of "You Belong To me"…

    The Embers                                                         The Galaxies

    Some personal changes again were made with Arlene & John Gilleeny departing and Ralph Rega joining the group. This group would record "Winner Take All", "A Thousand Miles Away" and a few other demo's before Ralph would exit to join "The Invitations".

    The Galaxies                                                                      The Invitations

    Ralph was replaced by Vinny Lombardi and a name change to the Allures took place. It was this group between 1961-1963 that would do many recordings, mostly because of their new Manager, Sal Campo. "Winner Take All" b/w "Tell Me Why", a cover of the Norman Fox hit was released in late '79 on the Crystal Ball label as the Allumes (This was because the Writing on the Demo was so faded it was illegible).

                                                                                            The Vibra-Tones/Allures

    The Group would wax two 45's backup singers. the first on ABC For Evelyn Del as The Vibra-Tones and the second on Xavier records for Piano player, Art Wayne. "Try & Try Again" was originally called "We don't Need A Chaperone" but after a revamping of the Lyrics by the producer on the lead vocals, the background vocals were lowered since the words no longer reflected the background singers response. After the lack of success by the Allures, the Group disbanded.

    Songs :

    Evelyn Dell & The Vibra-Tones (2)

    Sincerely                                        Please Tell Me Why

    The Allures

    Try And Try Again                    Dorothy                        Plea For Love

    At The End Of A Love             You Are On My Mind             Winner Take All

    The Allumes

    Tell Me Why


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