• The Crystals (4)
    J. Ricci, Aqueleno, Dore Riccuiti (Pat D'Amato not on the photo)

    The Crystals (4) (Philadelphia, Pa)


    Personnel :

    J. Ricci

    Dore Riccuiti

    Pat D'Amato



    Discography :

    The Crystals (4)
    1959 - Mary Ellen / Blind Date (Felsted 8566)

    Johnny Stevens bb The Crystals (4)
    1959 - Hm-Mm-Baby-Hm-Mm / Apple Taffy (Parkway 805)

    Bobby Rydell bb The Crystals (4)
    1959 - All I Want Is You / For You, For You (Cameo 164)


    Biography :

    Vocal group from Philadelphia composed by J. Ricci, Dore Riccuiti, Pat D'Amato and Aqueleno. In 1959, The crystals make a train trip to New York's Bell Sound Studios to make the recording. The group recorded two songs "Mary Ellen" and "Blind Date". Felsted Records released the single in Mars 1959. Bobby Rydell who played in several bands in the Philadelphia area and after three unsuccessful singles for small companies, he signed a recording contract with Cameo Records. In May 1959, The Crystals are contacted by Cameo who needs a vocal group to doing backgrounds behind Bobby. Bobby Rydell and the Crystals recorded "For You, For You" released on Cameo 164.

    The Crystals (4)    The Crystals (4)
                                                                                                                                    Bobby Rydell

    The Crystals also made a recording at Cameo which was an answer to the hit "Short Shorts" but was never released. The Crystals wrote "Apple Taffy" who was recorded by a young man named Johnny Stevens, who was Disc Jockey Joe Niagara's brother. It was released on Parkway Records (P-805). The group also do background on the other side "Hmm-mm Baby Hmm-mm". The Crystals  also wrote three of Fabian's recordings, "Stop Thief!", "I'm Sincere" and  "Hold Me (In Your Arms)".


    Songs :

    The Crystals (4)

    Mary Ellen                                               Blind Date

    Bobby Rydell bb The Crystals (4)

    For You, For You                              All I Want Is You  

    Johnny Stevens bb The Crystals (4)

              Apple Taffy                               Hmm-mm Baby Hmm-mm



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