•  The El Pollos
    Tommy Hobbs, George Scott, Robert Chalmers, Walter Jones  and Robert Manley

    The El Pollos (Cleveland, OH.)


    Personnel :

    Robert Chalmers (Lead)

    Tommy Hobbs (First Tenor)

    Walter Jones (Second Tenor)

    George Scott (Baritone)

    Robert Manley (Bass)


    Discography :

    1958 - High School Dance / These Four Letters (Studio 999)  

    1958 - School Girl / Why Treat Me This Way (Neptune 1001) 


    Biography :

    R&B vocal combo el Pollos formed in Cleveland in 1956 -- according to Marv Goldberg's profile in the June 1997 issue of Discoveries, the group was originally known as the Capitols, and comprised lead Robert Chalmers, first tenor Douglas Kindle, second tenor Melvin Keenan and bass Robert Manley. The Capitols got their start performing on local street corners, soon graduating to house parties and amateur showcases -- a year into the group's existence, both Kindle and Keenan exited, prompting the additions of first tenor Tommy Hobbs and second tenor Walter Jones, as well as a fifth member, baritone George Scott. Guitarist Philip "Frenchy" Dorroh signed on a few months later, and when Jones resigned soon after, Dorroh added second tenor to his duties. Upon learning of a rival Capitols outfit, the group renamed itself el Pollos -- in 1958, they signed to Studio Records, with Chalmers assuming lead vocal on their Dorroh-penned debut single "High School Dance."

    The record went nowhere, and later that same year el Pollos signed to Neptune, traveling to New York City to cut their sophomore effort "School Girl."Again el Pollos were unable to generate radio interest, and in 1959 a frustrated Manley joined the U.S. Army, prompting the group's eventual dissolution -- in 1962, Manley, Chalmers and Dorroh reunited long enough to drive to Detroit in the hopes of landing an audition with Motown, but label execs declared el Pollos too similar to the Four Tops and sent them on their way, extinguishing their musical aspirations once and for all.


    Songs :

    High School Dance                  These Four Letters

    School Girl                             Why Treat Me This Way



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