• The Dontells aka The Don-Tels 

    The Dontells  (Chicago)
    aka The Don-Tels


    Personnel :

    Nathaniel Pendleton (First Tenor)

    Leroy Dandridge

    Larry Nestor

    Willie Weems (Guitarist)


    Discography :

    The Don-Tels
    1963 - People Gonna Talk / I Found A Love (Witch 119)
    1963 - Lonely Boy / The Old Man  (Witch 121)

    The Dontells
    1963 - Lover's Reunion / Make A Chance (Beltone 2040)
    1965 - In Your Heart / Nothing But Nothing (Vee Jay 666)
    1965 - Ain't Cha My Baby / I'm Gonna Tell The World (Vee Jay 967)
    1965 - I Can't Wait / Gimmie Some (Ambassador 3346)


    Biography :

    The Dontells come from Chicago, and cut their first single  on the legendary Beltone label (distributed by King Records, Cincinnati).


    The same year the group release two singles on the Witch / Cortland label changing the name to the Don-Tels.   With only 1 original member , the group have three nice Soul singles in 1965 for the Vee Jay & Ambassador label.



    Songs :

    Make A Change                       Lover's Reunion                    People Gonna Talk

        I Found A Love                          In Your Heart                                I Can't Wait         

        Nothing But Nothing              I`m Gonna Tell The World



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