The Dolphins (6) (Cincinnati, OH)


    Personnel :

    Carl Edmondson

    Paul Singleton

    Marv Lockard

    Discography :

    1964 - Hey Da Da Dow / I Don't Want To Go On Without You (Fraternity 937)
    1965 - Beautiful Woman / Little Donna (Fraternity 940)

    Biography :

    The Dolphins ‚ Carl Edmondson (bottom), Paul Singleton (middle), and Marv Lockard (top) ‚ That year, Edmondson, who was by then a successful record producer, booked time at the King Records studio and recorded his original song "Hey-Da-Da-Dow"with engineer Dave Harrison. He recruited Singleton and Lockard from the Seniors.

     The Dolphins (6)

    The song's pleasing melody and moderate tempo caught the ear of Harry Carlson, founder of fraternity Records. He released the record, and it received strong airplay across the tristate area. The record peaked on the Billboard pop chart at No. 69 on December 19, 1964, at a time when the British Invasion was in full swing. "Unfortunately, 'Hey-Da-Da-Dow' was a turntable hit," Edmondson said. "that is it received airplay but not large sales. But the song has been remade by other artists over the years".
    (Carl Edmondson)

    Songs :

     Hey Da Da Dow / I Don't Want To Go On Without You



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