• The Temptations (3)  (Flushing, New York)
    ref : The Four Temptations


    Personnel :

    Neil Stevens (Lead)

    Artie Schlacman

    Artie Maren

    Larry Schwartz


    Discography :

    The Temptations (3)
    1960 - Barbara / Someday (Goldisc 3001)
    1960 - Letter Of Devotion / Fickle Little Girl (Goldisc 3007)

    Neil Stevens & The Temptations (3)
    1961 - Ballad Of Love / Tonight My Heart She Is Crying (Goldisc 3019)

    Biography :

    No, not those Temptations. This Temptations were a vocal group from New York best known for the 1960 hit "Barbara". Issued on Goldisc Records, the song peaked on the Cash Box Magazine chart at #38 and on the Billboard Hot 100 at #29. The flip side song on Barbara was Someday.

    The Temptations (3)

    The Story of the group begin as the Four Temptations, three years before. In 1957, Artie Ripp formed a vocal group with some others of his local neighborhood friends from Flushing, Mario Scarpa, Stu Silverman and Joe Tedesco. They signed in 1957 with ABC Records as back up group for ABC. They backed to Paul Anka on their ABC hit "Diana" and released Cathy as the Four Temptations.

    Artie Ripp had already decided that he liked management more than singing, and went on to co-found Kama Sutra Records and then manage Billy Joel during the Piano Man's early career. Artie Ripp formed and managed this new group know as  The Temptations who consisted of Artie Maren, Artie Schlacman, Larry Schwartz and Neil Stevens also from Flushing,NY. Neil Stevens had already recorded a single with the Dee-Vines in 1958, "More And More" and "What Could Be Better" released by Brunswick Records, and Shortly after "Barbara" became a hit, Neil left to go solo.

    The Temptations (3)

    The Remaining Temptations saw three releases before they broke up. Artie Ripp later became a great arranger and sound engineer. He worked on a lot of the girls group records and Brill Building sounds that came out of NYC from 1963-1968 or so.


    Songs :

     The Temptations (3)

    Barbara                                        Fickle Little Girl

    Someday                                Letter Of Devotion


    Neil Stevens & The Temptations (3)

    Tonight My Heart She Is Crying / Ballad Of Love



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