• (1955- The Sirenos / Citations) Ernest Gibson, Herb Benjamin, William Lucas, Edward "willie" Odom and Prentice Chandler

    The Citations (1) (Philadelphia)


    Personnel :

    William Lucas (Lead)

    Herb Benjamin (Tenor Lead)

    Prentice Chandler (Tenor)

    Edward "willie" Odom (Tenor/Baritone)

    Ernest Gibson (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Citations (1)
    1962 - It Hurt Me / Kiss In The Night (Don-El 113)
    Unreleased :
    1962 - Stranger (Don-El)

    Chris LaMar (William Lucas)
    1962 - Love So True / Treat Me Good (Don-El 113)


    Biography :

    Previously known as The Sirenos in 1955, the group was composed by William  Lucas (lead) Ernest Gibson (bass), Herb Benjamin (Tenor Lead), Edward "Willie" Odom (Tenor/Baritone) and Prentice Chandler (Tenor). All were between 16 and 19 years olden lived within a block of each other. The name Sirenos came from the Greek Sirenes. During the early days in 1957, gigs for the Sirenos were few and far between. The Sirenos dad a song they composed called "The Bells are Ringing". They sang this song at the Broadwood With the Spaniels. Sure enough about a month or two later, the Spaniels came out with a song who sounded exactly like "The Bells are Ringing". That song was "Everyone's Laughing" wich became a huge hit for them. Over Time, The Sirenos were making the rounds galvanizing an audience.

    (1961 - The Citations) Edward Odom , Ken Bolden, Prentice Chandler, William Lucas, Bill kearney and  Ernest Gibson

    They doing stagework for the likes of Jimmy Bishop, Kae Williams and Jocko, all of whom owned dinky record labels, but none of whom were willing to take a chance on the outfit who were now billing themselves the Citations. At This Time Ken Boden replace Herb Benjamin . This was the only line-up alteration in the congregation's eight year history. Eventually they win a talent night and getting a contract with Don-el records. Don-El was owned by real estate man C. Percy White [aka Don White].  Spring 1962 "It Hurt Me" b/w "Kiss In The Night" hits the airwaves on the sunglow yellow Don-el Label. The Citations are invited to the Murray Show TV, in Scranton, they did another TV spot… The Same Year, William Lucas cut another single for Don White as Chris Lamar.  With too little success, the group broke up .


    Songs :

    The Citations (1)

    Kiss In The Night                        It Hurt Me                                 Stranger       

    Chris LaMar

    Love So True                                      Treat Me Good


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