The Teen-Clefs (Bronx, New York)
    ref : The Avalons (3), The Clickettes (2) & Shirley & Willie


    Personnel :

    Shirley Bryant-Ford

    Tracey Brost





    Discography :

    The Teen-Clefs
    1958 - Hiding My Tears / There Goes Sputnik (Dice 98 / 99)

    The Avalons (3)
    1958 - Louella / You Broke Our Hearts (Dice 90 / 91)

    Shirley & Willie
    1958 - Calling You (Dice)

    The Clickettes (2) (The Teen-Clefs)
    1960 - Tonight And Forever (Unreleased)


    Biography :

    The Teen-Clefs met around 1957, Tracey Brost, Mickey, Loretta, Janie and Shirley Bryant-Ford all attended the same Burger Jr. High School (PS 139 ) in the Bronx, New York.  They were discovered and originally managed by Morris Bailey (former postal worker and actor), he lived in the Bronx and also managed the Fascinations. Bailey than put The Teen-Clefs in touch with Zell Sanders (J&S records) and she later took over group from Mr. Bailey.

    Zell Sanders                                                               The Clickettes with Shirley Bryant-Ford

    The Teen-Clefs performed at dances in Harlem, they made the song Sputnik during that time. The group wrote most of their songs. ZelL Sanders managed The Clickettes from Harlem & Shirley Bryant-Ford was an alternate for the group when an original member was not available to perform. Shirley had to fill in for the Clickettes when they performed at the Apollo Theater in Harlem.

    The Teen-Clefs (L to R) Loretta, Janie, Mickey, Shirley Ford and Tracey Brost                                                                                                 

    The Clickettes left the Dice label in 1960 but the record company continued to release singles by the Clickettes even when they were sang by other groups. ‘Tonight And Forever’ was credited to the Clickettes but it was likely sung by the Teen Clefs. The The Teen-Clefs broke up around 1960.  Shirley Bryant-Ford with sisters Willie Bryant and another girl cut one single as the Avalons. The Two sisters cut another single as Shirley & Willie.
    Thanks to Jennifer Noble & Shirley Ford.


    Songs :

    The Teen-Clefs

    Hiding My Tears                           There Goes Sputnik

    The Avalons (3)

    Louella                                    You Broke Our Hearts

    Shirley & Willie

    Calling You

    The Clickettes (2) (The Teen-Clefs)

    Tonight And Forever


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