• The Phaetons (2) (Hollywood, CA)
    aka  The Haciendas

    Personnel :

    Bob Mahoney (Lead)

    Larry Buttes

    Bob Buttes

    Jack Igo

    Discography :

    The Phaetons (2)
    1963 - Road Of Blues / I'm So Lonely  (Sahara 102)
    1964 - The Beatle Walk / Frantic (The Premiers) (Sahara 103)

    The Haciendas
    1964 - Sherry Stole Mx Xke / Marriane (Pacific Challenger 1001)

    Biography :

    Group from Hollywood, Ca. In 1963, Bob Mahoney formed The Phaetons included Jack Igo and two brothers : Larry and Bob Buttes. They recorded two singles on Sahara record.

                                                                            Larry Buttes

    "The Beatle Walk" was written and recorded in response to The Beatles first hitting the American music charts. In 1964, the Phaetons change their name to the Haciendas and cut one single on Pacific Challenger "Sherry Stole Mx Xke" / "Marriane"

    In the early 60's. Bob Mahoney formed the group " The Pledges" with his wife Dottie. their record sold over 100,000 copies.
    By Larry Buttes

    Songs :

    The Phaetons (2)

    Road Of Blues                                The Beatle Walk

    I'm So Lonely

    The Haciendas

    Sherry Stole My XKE

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