• The Chandeliers (2) aka The Cheerios (1) aka  The Impossibles (2)
    Bobby Sanders

    The Cheerios (1) (Los Angeles)
    aka  The Chandeliers (2)
    aka Linda Carr & The Impossibles (2)


    Personnel :

    Bobby Sanders (Lead)

    Ralph Chestnut (Bass)

    Clotelle King

    Andrew Bayone (Cheerios & Chandeliers)

    Joe Lawson (Cheerios & Chandeliers)


    Discography :

    Linda Carr & The Impossibles (2)
    1961 - I'll Never Get Married / Happy Teenager (Skyla 1111)
    1961 - (I'm In Love With) The Garbage Man / Shy One (Ray Star 779)

    The Cheerios (1)
    1961 - Ding Dong Honeymoon /  Where Are You Tonight (Infinity 11)

    The Chandeliers (2)
    1962 - Give Me Your Love / She's A Heartbreaker (Sue 761)


    Biography :

    Linda Carr was just 14 years of age at the time of this, her debut recording. Her powerful voice belied her tender years. In '61, talent scount, recording artists producer and writer, Bobby Sanders (real name: Jerome Lenoir) brought gifted singer, Linda Carr to producer Steve Venet. Happy Teenager happily launched her long and remarkable international singing career as one of the queens of the Northern Soul musical genre. The writer, Richard George, had written many songs while at UCLA and later while working in the Hollywood film industry.

    The Chandeliers (2) aka The Cheerios (1) aka  The Impossibles (2)

    He wrote Happy Teenager as an answer song to Dion's Lonely Teenager. Steve Venet  arranged to record her with Bobby Sanders, Ralph Chestnut and Clotelle King billed as the Impossibles. Steven Venet  next recorded Linda's follow-up release, I'm in Love With the Garbage Man, a clever and fun record. In '64, Linda signed with Sam Cooke's Sar label with Steve Venet producing the release with Sanders and Cooke doing the backup work.  Next she signed with Don Costa's DCP label and in '65 had a release that got some action. In '66, she had several releases on the Bell label and later with the Ranwood label. She had the talent but never had the song or promotion to make it big.

    The Chandeliers (2) aka The Cheerios (1) aka  The Impossibles (2)    The Chandeliers (2) aka The Cheerios (1) aka  The Impossibles (2)

    After their singles with Linda, the Impossibles,  Bobby Sanders, Ralph Chestnut and Clotelle King recruited Andrew Bayone & Joe Lawson. The Quintet with Bobby Sanders on Lead had a release on Infinity in September 1961 billed as The Cheerios. They also recorded for Sue Record as The Chandeliers.  During this period, Bobby Sanders also recorded as a single artist and with Dorsey High School friends as the Extremes.


    Songs :

    Linda Carr & The Impossibles (2)

    I'll Never Get Married                             Happy Teenager     

    (I'm In Love With) The Garbage Man                       Shy One                     

    The Cheerios (1)

    Ding Dong Honeymoon                    Where Are You Tonight   

    The Chandeliers (2)

    Give Me Your Love                         She's A Heartbreaker


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