• The Re-Vels aka The Re-Vels Quartette aka The Revels aka The Re-Vells

    The Re-Vels (Philadelphia)
    aka The Re-Vels Quartette aka The Revels


    Personnel :

    John Kelly (Lead)

    Henry Colclough (Tenor)

    John grant

    Bill Jackson

    Jon Jones (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Re-Vels Quartette
    1954 - My Lost Love  / Love My Baby (Atlas 1035)

    The Re-Vels
    1956 - Later, Later Baby / You Lied To Me (Sound 129)
    1956 - Cha Cha Toni / Dream My Darling, Dream (Sound 135)
    1956 - So In Love / It Happened To Me (Teen 122)
    1958 - False Alarm / When You Come Back To Me (Chess 1708)

    The Revels
    1959 - Dead man Stroll / Talking To My Heart (Norgolde 103)
    1959 - Midnight Stroll  / Talking To My Heart (Norgolde 103)
    1959 - Foo Man Choo / Tweedlee Dee (Norgolde 104)
    1959 - Money Is All I Need / Injun Joe (Norgolde 106)
    1960 - The Greatness Of Love / Gates Of Heaven (Norgolde 218)
    1960 - Please / Two Little Monkeys (Andie 5077)
    1961 - Oh How I Love You / I Met My Lost Love (Palette 5074)
    1964 - Down Town / Dollar Sign (Kapp 621)


    Biography :

    In 1954, West Philadelphia High School students John Kelly (lead vocalist), John Grant, John Jones, Henry Colclugh and Bill Jackson formed the vocal group, originally performing under the moniker the Re-Vels Quartette. Their live appearances made the combo a well-attended attraction in Northern Philadelphia, which enticed Atlas Records in 1955 and Sound Records in the following year to record singles with the group.[1] Credited to the shortened name the Re-Vels, the singles released in the two years included "So in Love", "You Lied to Me", and "Cha-Cha Toni", the latter of which was a big regional hit in Philadelphia and some other eastern cities but never charted nationally.

    The Re-Vels aka The Re-Vels Quartette aka The Revels aka The Re-Vells

     In 1958, the Re-Vels signed with Chess Records and released "False Alarm", perhaps their most accomplished record thus far. However, success still alluded the group, prompting Chess Records, which was still in the midst of a prosperous string of releases from Chuck Berry and the Moonglows, to cut the Re-Vels from their roster.A small record label established by Harold Nussbaum (also known as Hal Norton) and William Goldstein called Norgolde Records signed the group, now without a hyphen in their moniker. Jackson's self-penned novelty song "Dead Man's Stroll", paired with "Talking to My Heart", was selected to be recorded and distributed for the Halloween market in 1959.

    The Re-Vels aka The Re-Vels Quartette aka The Revels aka The Re-Vells   The Re-Vels aka The Re-Vels Quartette aka The Revels aka The Re-Vells

    Author Richard Aquilla described the single as a teen favorite with "a spooky sound, replete with midnight tolls and wailing ghosts".Released in September 1959, "Dead Man's Stroll" began being played across the United States leading to an appearance on Dick Clark's American Bandstand at the end of the month. Clark, however, objected to the song's title, forcing the Revels to alter it to "Midnight Stroll" to avoid losing the much-needed television exposure. The song peaked at number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 in early November and remained on the charts until December 1959.

    The Re-Vels aka The Re-Vels Quartette aka The Revels aka The Re-Vells

    The Revels followed-up "Midnight Stroll" with "Foo Man Choo" in 1960, which also attempted to inflict more chills on its listeners. However, the release could not reach the height of popularity as its predecessor and failed to chart. The group released other singles in the 1960s before disbanding in 1962. Jackson, having composed the majority of the Revels' original material, continued in the music industry as a songwriter. He joined Cameo-Parkway Records in 1963 and had a hand in penning the Tymes' hit song "So Much in Love". In addition, Jackson co-wrote "Here She Comes", "The Magic of Our Summer Love", and "You Little Trustmaker", and produced the group's recordings in 1963 and 1964.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)  

    The Re-Vels Quartette

    My Lost Love                                Love My Baby

    The Re-Vels

    Later, Later Baby                    You Lied To Me                        Cha Cha Toni

    Dream My Darling, Dream                 So In Love                        It Happened To Me     

         False Alarm                  When You Come Back To Me

    The Revels

    Dead man Stroll                  Talking To My Heart                   Midnight Stroll

    Talking To My Heart                 Foo Man Choo                     Money Is All I Need

         Tweedley Dee                              Please                           Two Little Monkeys

    Oh How I Love You            I Met My Lost Love                        Injun Joe      

    Gates Of Heaven                    Dollar Sign                         The Greatness Of Love



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