• The Epics (3) aka The Indigos (2) 

    Milton "Buddy" Williams 

    The Epics (3) (Baytown, Texas)
    aka The Indigos (2) 


    Personnel :

    Milton "Buddy" Williams (Lead)

    Jeannie Capers (Lead)

    Jessy Tober

    Johnny Barnes 


    Discography :

    The Epics (3)
    1960 - Girl By The Wayside / Ho-Hum-Deedle-Dum (Lynn 510)
    1961 - The Magic Kiss / (I’m Gonna Pay You Back With) The Very Same Coin (Lynn 513)
    1961 - Last Night I Dreamed / Most Of All (Lynn 516)
    1961 - Last Night I Dreamed / The Magic Kiss (Sabra 516)
    1961 - Grounded / Wishing You Were Mine (Eric 7001)

    The Epics (3) Featuring Jeannie
    1962 - I Want To Be Your Girl / So Many Times (Dante 3004)

    Jeannie & The Epics (3)
    1962 - Mama Dear / Glad To Be Free (Dante 3006)

    The Indigos (2)
    1961 - Girl By The Wayside / Ho-Hum Deedle-Dum (A Girl Named Sue) (Image 5001)
    1962 - My Dream Girl / Beyond Your Wildest Dreams (Cadette 8003)

    Biography :

    The Epics are from Deer Park and Baytown (Texas) and all were Deer Park High School graduates when the group organised in November, 1957. The Epics consisted of Milton "Buddy" Williams (Lead vocalist), Jeannie Capers (Lead vocalist), Jessy Tober (vocalist) and Johnny Barnes (vocalist).In November 1960, The Epics had their first record released on the Lynn Label, "Girl By The Wayside" b/w "Ho-Hum-Deedle-Dum".

    The Indigos (2) aka The Epics (3)    The Indigos (2) aka The Epics (3)

    Ho-Hum-Deedle-Dum" became Week's Pick Hit on Houston's KILT. The wax disc has also been selected as tops by a radio station in Detroit, Mich. On sale in area record shop ,the record will have good sales. In the process Lynn releases two more singles. They did have a few other records, One on Sabra (A Lynn subsidiary) with Two with songs already released by Lynn Records. Milton "Buddy" Williams quit the Epics, replaced by Cecil Holliman . In May 1961, "Girl By The Wayside" b/w Ho-Hum-Deedle-Dum was released on Image Records as The Indigos.

    The Indigos (2) aka The Epics (3)     The Indigos (2) aka The Epics (3)

    For their Three Las Singles, Jeannie Capers became the Lead singer. The Epics cut one single on Eric Records and Two for Dante Records. Most of the Epics songs written, arranged, and released by singer, guitarist (songwriter and producer) Ray Doggett.  The story does not end there, Jeannie Capers,  Johnnie Barnes, Cecil Holliman joined  Jack Cockran (From Bellaire). The quartet recorded "My Dream Girl" b/w "Beyond Your Wildest Dreams". The single was released by Cadette Records as The Indigos.

    Songs :

    The Epics (3)

    Ho-Hum-Deedle-Dum                       Girl By The Wayside

      The Magic Kiss                            The Very Same Coin

    Last Night I Dreamed                      Wishing You Were Mine

    The Epics (3) Featuring Jeannie

    I Want To Be Your Girl                        So Many Times      


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