• The Heralds aka The Billy Dawn Quartet  aka The Four Dukes (1) (Brooklyn, New-York)

    Personnel :

    Billy Dawn Smith (Lead)

    Donnie Sehested (Tenor)

    Tommy Smith (Baritone)

    Edward "Sonny" Benton (Bass)

    Discography :

    1954 - Eternal Love / Gonna Love You Every Day (Herald 435)
    N/A - You'll Always Find Me True (Herald) (Unreleased)
    N/A - Till My Baby Falls In Love (Herald) (Unreleased)
    N/A - Freeze (Herald) (Unreleased)
    N/A - Why Can't I Have You (Herald) (Unreleased)
    N/A - Confucius (Herald) (Unreleased)
    N/A - Confucius (Old Town) (Unreleased)
    N/A - Why Can't I Have You (Old Town) (Unreleased)

    Biography :

    The Billy Dawn Quartet search for another shot with a new label well into 1954, and hooked up with New York's R & B independent Herald Records of Al Silver. Two more Billy Dawn written songs were chosen for their recording session for Herald. The songs were "Eternal Love" and "I'm Gonna Love You Every Day". Once again a name change was presented to the group, and again it was a way to highlight the label name, and thus The Heralds.


    The new recording was released on Herald #435 and unfortunately for the group, it was once again a failure. Billy Dawn Smith however was retained by the label as a writer, arranger, and assistant producer. The quartette was sometimes used as a backup group for solo artists, but they did not issue any more records. The group also appeared on local New York television, and backed up solo performers on stage in nightclubs and theaters.
    They release Three discs all under three names : Billy Dawn Quartet, Four Dukes and Heralds.


    Songs :

    Gonna Love You Every Day                 Eternal Love

    Cds :

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