• Rickie & The Hallmarks 

    Rickie & The Hallmarks (Queens, New York)


    Personnel :

    Ricky Lisi

    Bixie Boyle

    Denis McMahon

    Jack Scandura


    Discography :

    Rickie & The Hallmarks
    Single :
    1963 - Joanie Don't You Cry / Wherever You Are (Amy 877)
    Demos :
    1963 - This I Swear
    1963 - When I Fall In Love
    1963 - That Lucky Old Sun
    1963 - My Man The Moon

    Ricky Lisi
    1963 - The River / Don't Go Now (Roulette 4511)


    Biography :

    Ricky Lisi grew up in Queens, New York and was in his first group "The Pharo's" when he was only 12 years old. In 1959, The Pharo's cut four sides, "Gloria", "Lorraine", "Sunday Kind Of Love" and the original "Mama Twist". After the group broke up Ricky formed the Original Hallmarks with  Bixie Boyle, Tommy Oliveri, Tony DeFeo and the lovely Beverly Warren. Ricky really liked the Skyliner's at this time and on the back of their album was written hallmark of their style, he liked the word so much he christened the group the Hallmarks.

    Rickie & The Hallmarks    Rickie & The Hallmarks
    Beverly Warren                                                                                 Ricky Lisi   

    One night while singing under the "El" (an elevator train line) on Queens Blvd. and 43rd St in Woodside Queens, they were discovered by Tony Powers on his way to the movies. Tony was a writing partner at this time with Ellie Greenwich. Tony took the group into Bell Sound where they would record "Like A Million Years". The next step was the Brill Building where Leiber & Stoller pass on the group. Ellie liked Bev and pulled her from the group to do background vocals and eventually had her record "Like A Million Years" released on the United Artists label.

    Rickie & The Hallmarks   Rickie & The Hallmarks 
    Ricky Lisi                                                                                                                     

    At this time both Tony and Tommy exited the group as well. Replacement were Denis McMahon first tenor and from the Starlings, Jack Scandura. With a much better Knowledge of how things worked and now knowing about the Brill Building the group went into variety studios and once again cut some demos : "This I Swear", "When I Fall In Love", "That Lucky Old Sun" and the original "My Man The Moon". They would end up at the door of Wemar music where Johnny Brandon decided he would record the group. The group was brought into Mira Sound Studio as the Four Seasons were leaving. The two side recorded that night were "Joanie Don't You Cry" and "Wherever You Are". The songs were placed with Amy records a division of Bell. At the sessions, Paul Simon played guitar. The records didn't do much and the group broke up after they recorded "Don't Go Now". The Powers to be decided they didn't like the way the recording came out and shelved it. In the meantime the Concords would record it and Ricky himself would have a 45 release of the tune with the Concords on Back Up.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    Rickie & The Hallmarks

       Wherever You Are                            Joanie Don't You Cry

    When I Fall In Love                        This I Swear

    That Lucky Old Sun                       My Man The Moon

    Ricky Lisi

    Don't Go Now                                         The River


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