The Matadors (5) (Los Angeles)
    aka The Gents (1) aka The Dories (2)

    Personnel :

    Vic Diaz

    Manuel Sanchez

    Tony Minichiello

    Discography :

    The Gents (1)
    1961 - Why do i love her / Jump in the Line (Liberty 55332)

    The Dories (2)
    1962 - Stompin' Sh-Boom / Breakup (Dore 629)

    The Matadors (5)
    1963 - Ace of Heart / Perfidia (Colpix 698)
    1964 - La Corrida / I've Gotta Drive (Jan & Dean)  (Colpix 718)
    1964 - C'mon Let Yourself Go / C'mon Let Yourself Go (Part 2) (Colpix 741)

    Biography :

    The Matadors — Tony Minichiello, Vic Diaz, and Manuel Sanchez — were a talented trio that sang harmonies on Jan & Dean’s early Screen Gems recordings. They provided the disctinctive harmonies (along with Jan & Dean themselves) on the Surf City and Drag City Lps in 1963, and on part of the Dead Man’s Curve / The New Girl In School LP in 1964 (Liberty Records). The Matadors were a vital part of the Jan & Dean vocal sound, at the peak of the duo’s popularity. Tony and Manny had been schoolmates with Jan Berry at University High School in Los Angeles.


    They recorded as the Gents on Liberty Records in 1961 (with music arranged by Jan). Vic Diaz was a solo artist for Del-Fi Records, who then connected with Tony and Manny for a single on Dore Records, produced by Kim Fowley in 1962. Thanks to his songwriting and producing contracts with Screen Gems, Jan was able to write, arrange, and produce for artists other than Jan & Dean (with oversight from Lou Adler). In addition to singing back-up for Jan & Dean, the Matadors had a record deal with Colpix Records, which fell under the aegis of Screen Gems. So it was only natural that Jan would produce the Matadors for Colpix.  

    In addition to arranging and producing for the Matadors, Jan also co-wrote several songs for the group, and sang bass on their single “Perfidia,” released in 1963.  Jan also sang lead on the trio’s release of “I Gotta Drive” (which was also included on Jan & Dean’s Drag City LP).  Jan’s writing credits for the Matadors included “Ace of Hearts” (co-written with Gary Zekley and Vic Diaz), “La Corrida,” and “Come On Let Yourself Go,” Parts 1 & 2 (co-written with Artie Kornfeld) — 1963-1964.

    Songs :

    The Matadors (5)

    Perfidia                                                Ace Of Hearts

    I've Gotta Drive

    The Dories (2)

     Breakup                                       Stompin' Sh-Boom 

    The Gents (1)

    Why Do I Love Her                                     Jump In The Line




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