The Upbeats (1) (Philadelphia)


    Personnel :

    John MacGilivat

    James MacGilivat

    Pat De Witt

    David Starkey

    Discography :

    1957 - I Don't Know / Never In My Life (Prep 119)
    1958 - Will You Be Mine / My Last Frontier(Prep 131)
    1958 - Just Like In The Movies / My Foolish Heart (Swan 4010)
    1958 - The Night We Both Said Goodbaye / Oh What It Seems (Joy 223)
    1959 - You Are The One I Care For / Keep Cool Crazy heart (Joy 227)
    1959 - Satin Shoes / Teenie Weenie Bikini (Joy 229)
    1959 - Unbelievable Love / To Me You're A Song (Joy 233)

    Biography :

    Joy records was founded in 1958 by Edward Joy, an impresario, artist manager and publisher who made himself at home in the famed Brill Building at 1619 Broadway.  The Upbeats were no strangers to record buyers, or the charts, when they joined Joy Records in Late 1958.


    John & James MacGilivaty, Pat De Witt and David Starkey had records released on Prep in 1957, made the charts with "Just Like In The Movies" on Swan on August 1958 and beat Brian Hyland to the bikini theme, but without success, when they released their third Joy single, Teenie Wenie Bibkini (Joy 229) in early 1959 . By this time the label had a British outlet and "Bikini" was the first of a dozen Joy Releases to gain a release on Pye International

    Songs :

    Just Like in the Movies



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