• 1960 - Left to right : Pete Antell, Bobby Butts, Mike DeVivo, John Linde and Mickey Lee Lane

    The Chants (1) (New York)

    Personnel :

    Mike DeVivo (Lead Vocals)

Pete Antell (Guitar / Vocals)

    Bobby Butts (Sax / Vocals)

    John Linde (Drums)

    Mickey Lee Lane (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Chants (1)
    1961 - Respectable / Kiss Me Goodbye (MGM 13008)
    1961 - Dick Tracy / Choo-Choo (Verve 10244)

    Jimmy Soul & The Chants (1)
    1963 - I Wish I Could Dance / Respectable  (20th Fox 413)

    Biography :

    John Linde was born and raised in Oceanside, NY. John started down the road  taking part in the school band as a percussionist. After graduation from high school and a stint in the armed forces, John formed a band called The Chants in 1959. Through John's contacts and his meticulous business acumen, The Chants began building a solid reputation as an excellent club band, establishing followings at various venues on Long Island.

    The Chants (1)

    The Chants hooked up with a family of fledgling recording entrepreneurs, Bill and Steve Jerome, owners of a small storefront recording studio and a label called Tru-Eko Records. The Chants recorded a version of “Respectable”, a song written and previously recorded by The Isley Brothers for RCA as their follow-up to the immensely successful single “Shout”.

    The Chants (1)    The Chants (1)
    1961 - top row, left to right: Pete Antell ,  John Linde;   bottom row, left to right: Al Ferreira , Mike DeVivo and Curly

    The Chants single was released on MGM and was put into rotation on New York radio. Following the success of “Respectable”, John recruited Mickey Lee Lane for bass and called Pete to ask if he was interested in a job as a vocalist and guitarist in The Chants. Pete accepted and was in on the recording of their next single,  the novelty tune, “ Dick Tracy”.

    The Chants (1)

    This was the second and last single for MGM, released on their Verve subsidiary. After the success of The Chants, Pete and John, now songwriting and production partners, formed an alliance with another Long Island ensemble through an associate at Ultra-Sonic Studios. Keyboard player Stoney Jackson had worked with this quartet of young ladies who called themselves The Percells.

    The Chants (1) 

    John Lindle, Stoney Jackson, Pete Antell & The Percells

    Stoney recommended the outstanding group to Pete and John. Bill Stahl, the owner of Ultra-Sonic, also knew of the quartet's vocal prowess. When the songwriters heard The Percells at the studio one night, they liked what they heard. Immediately, plans were made to record The Percells., ...

    Songs :

    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

     The Chants (1)

    Respectable                            Kiss Me Goodbye

    Dick Tracy                               Choo-Choo


    Jimmy Soul & The Chants (1)

     I Wish I Could Dance                          Respectable



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