• The New Notes

    The New Notes (Sydney, Australia)

    Personnel :

    John Bartlett

    Peter Griffiths

    Ralph Griffiths


    Discography :

    Singles :

    The New Notes
    1960 - I Am / My Sweetie Pie  (Rex RS-09)
    1960 - Need Someone To Love Me / Sing Sing Sing (Rex RS-015)

    Col Joy with the Graduates & The New Notes
    1959 - Bad Man / Dreamy Eyes (Festival FK3135)

    Col Joy with The Joy Boys & The New Notes
    1959 - Rockin’ Rollin’ / Fools Like Me (Not Them) (Festival FK3082)

    John Laws & The New Notes
    1959 - Be Kind To Each Other / Someone New  (Festival FK3098)

    The Maori Troubadours  & The New Notes
    1960 - Lovely Hula Hands / Shakin' In The Shaky Isles (Not Them) (Rex RS-011 / Festival FX10463)

    Margaret Hooper With Ron Hardy And The Hardi-Men & The New Notes
    1960 - One Step Beyond / The Way We Are (Rex RS-04)

    Dig Richards & The R'Jays & The New Notes
    1960 - Annie Laurie / South Of The Border (Rex 001)

    Eps :

    1960 - Rex 4 Star (Rex 1002)
    I Am ( The New Notes) / You're Free To Go (Margaret Hooper With Ron Hardy And The Hardi-Men And The New Notes)

    The New Notes

    1961 - John Laws  - A Lover's Question (FX-10,080)
    Be Kind To Each Other (John Laws & The New Notes) / Someone New (John Laws & The New Notes)

    The New Notes

    Lp :

    1959 - Dig Richards & The R'Jays (Festival FL7119)
    With The New Notes :
    You Are My Sunshine / I'm Through / Hush-a-Bye

    The New Notes


    Biography :

    Australian vocal trio from Sydney consisting of John Bartlett, Peter Griffiths & Ralph Griffiths. They starting singing together in 1959. They backed many artists on Festival Records like Col Joy, John Laws or The Maori Troubadours. Festival Records (later known as Festival Mushroom Records) was an Australian recording and publishing company founded in Sydney in 1952 .

    The New Notes  The New Notes 

                                                                                                                               Dig Richards & The R'Jays

    A new subsidiary label has been started at Festival called Rex Records. Now under contract to Rex, the New Notes write their own material "My Sweetie Pie", "Need Someone To Love Me" and "Sing Sing Sing" and cut two singles under their name in 1960. They backed Dig Richards and his group, The R'Jays on "Hush-a-Bye", "I'm Through" and other .

    The New Notes
    From Left, Ralph Griffiths, John Bartlett and Peter Griffiths

    In 1960, they are rated as the most improved vocal group trio in the country and are also noted for their own compositions. They make regular appearances on "Bandstand" and "Six O'Clock Rock" and are heard on many radio. They make personnel Appearances at Dances and various night-spots in Sidney.

    Songs :

    The New Notes

    I Am

    Dig Richards & The R'Jays & The New Notes

           Hush-a-Bye                              I'm Through                    South Of The Border 

    You Are My Sunshine                            Annie Laurie

    John Laws & The New Notes

    Be Kind To Each Other                Someone New          

    Col Joy / The New Notes

       Bad Man                          Dreamy Eyes                                 Rockin’ Rollin’




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