• Marsha Raskin

    The Blends (2) (Los Angeles, CA.)



    Leonard Lebovitz "Lenny Lee" (Lead)

    Marsha Raskin (High Tenor)

    Barry Fisher (Tenor)

    Stan Fisher (Tenor)

    Larry Coleman (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Blends (2)
    1960 - Tell Me / The Way I Want You (Skylark 108/Talent 110)

    Johnny Sablan bb The Blends (2)
    1961 - Will She Agree To Go Steady / Big Fat Lie (Not Them) (Skylark 105)


    Biography :

    Vocal group from Los Angeles .  Marsha Raskin (High Tenor), Barry Fisher (Tenor) and Leonard Lebovitz "Lenny Lee" (Lead), present Student, and two Alumni Larry Coleman (Bass) and Stan Fisher (Tenor) comprise the group. In 1960, The Blends met promotion manager for Talent and Skylark records, Sy Mitchell. The group auditioned and recorded  "Tell Me" b/w "The Way I Want You" released By Talent in November 1960.

                                                                                                                   Johnny Sablan

    The single was re-released in 1961 on Skylark where the Blends have backed 13-year-old Johnny Sablan on "Will She Agree To Go Steady". Johnny Sablan from the Mariana's island of Guam and moved to southern California, along with his three eldest sons when his father took a job in the City. The Sablans lived right off of Wilshire and Western Avenues in Los Angeles, and watched the era of rock and roll unfold with Ricky Nelson and Elvis Presley singing on the popular American Bandstand TV show. Teen-age guitarist and vocalist,  he wrote "Will She Agree To Go Steady" Which will be his first disc.

     Songs :

                      The Blends (2)                  Johnny Sablan bb The Blends (2)

                    Tell Me                                Will She Agree To Go Steady


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