• The Lyrics (2)

     The Lyrics (2) (San Antonio,Texas)


    Personnel :

    Abel Martinez (Lead)

    Carl Henderson

    Dimas Garza

    Alex Pato


    Discography :

    Singles :
    1959 - The Girl I Love / Oh, Please Love Me (Harlem 101 / Wildcat 028 / Coral 62322)
    1959 - I Want To Know / The Beating Of My Heart (Harlem 104)

    Unreleased :
    1959 - I'm Allright (Harlem) (Unreleased)
    1959 - Love And Affection  (Harlem)
    1959 - Maybe You Always Say  (Harlem)
    1959 - Lawdy Miss Clawdy  (Harlem)
    1959 - Bad Boy  (Harlem)
    1959 - Lyric's Theme  (Harlem)


    Biography :

    Many of the bands that emerged in the late-1950s were interracial, particularly those coming from the predominantly Chicanao west side.  Examples of interracial collaboration are many, for example, the doo-wop group, The Lyrics. The group consisted of leader, Abel Martinez, and the talented young songwriter, Dimas Garza; and African American singers, Alex Pato and Carl Henderson. The Lyrics made their first recording for Joe Anthony’s Harlem label in 1959, which was also the label’s first recording.

    According to business partner Henry Carr, Joe and Henry saw The Lyrics perform at the King of Clubs in downtown. They immediately approached the group to talk about a recording opportunity. The recording of “The Girl I Love” and “Oh, Please Love Me” which was written by Dimas Garza, was released in August 1959 and of course did well on KMAC’s charts, but it also  149 rose to #14 on KONO’s hit charts.

    The following year it was re-released on the Wildcat label and then again in 1962 for the national Coral label. The single also appeared in Billboard under “Moderate Sales Potential” (Billboard Magazine, November 16, 1959). The single made The Lyrics one of the top groups in the city. The Lyrics lasted until 1962 when Dimas left to join another influential group, The Royal Jesters. Carl Henderson went to California and recorded some minor hits for Renfro Records in Los Angeles.

    Songs :

    Oh, Please Love Me                             The Girl I Love      

    The Beating Of My Heart                       I Want To Know     

    Love And Affection                      Lawdy Miss Clawdy


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