• The Harmonaires (3) (Bronx, New York)

    Personnel :

    Clint Holland (Lead)

    Bob Trotman (First Tenor)

    Andre Lilly (Second Tenor)

    Albert George (Bass)

    Discography :

    1957 - Lorraine / Come Back (Holiday 2602)

    Biography :

    Holiday Records, founded by Danny Robinson, the younger brother of Fire/Fury Records founder Bobby Robinson, existed for only two years, a period in which it cut music by such groups as the Bop Chords , Jimmy Jones and the Pretenders, the Ladders  and  plus lesser-known acts like the Harmonaires.

                                                                                                 Andre Lilly & Bob Trotman
    The Harmonaires Were from the Bronx: Clint Holland, Albert George, Bob Trotman and Andre Lilly. It is also understood that several of the members  attended DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx.  Bob Trotman & Andre Lilly went over to The Rob-roys and went on to sing all there great hits. Albert George became bass singer of the Bonnevilles.

    Songs :

    Lorraine                                               Come Back


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